Mono Lake

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2001

Hi! Would you please ask for recommendations on places to stay and activities to do around Mono Lake for a family with children ages 6 1/2 and 9? We're planning to be there the beginning of August. thanks Bob

We went to Mono Lake two years ago for two or three days and stayed in town the whole time. I liked the small town atmosphere. We stayed in Murphy's Motel and ate out at every meal -- except breakfast. There were kids specials and the town seemed kid friendly. My children were 12, 9 and 5. We went on a canoe tour of the tuffas (I made advance reservations). There was a beautiful trail by the river there in town, newly retored, we hiked in the crater and visited the visitors center. There's lots to see. Also, one night there were smores and stories by the beach. We also ate one expensive meal at the Mono Inn (that was fun). Have fun. We didn't explore the surrounding areas.... Cornelia

Hot Creek is a fun place. A hot spring bubbles up through the bed of a flowing cold creek. You have the experience of swimming through alternating layers of hot and cold water. It's south of Mono Lake, east of Highway 395. There is a fish hatchery on the way to it that might be fun to stop at, too. It was closed the last time we were there. We went hiking in a beautiful area called Rock Creek. See for more info. It's not really for swimming, though. It's very cold! The Mono Lake Visitor's Center in Lee Vining (the folksy one right in town on the west side of 395, not the government one further north) is interesting to visit. There are tours and kayak trips on the lake as well. See for more info. Watch out for deer crossing the roads at dusk! We have hit two deer in that area, one of which totally wrecked the front of our car (and died instantly, poor thing). They can come out of nowhere with no warning. Mimi