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Taco truck or similar for rehearsal dinner

Sept 2011

I am looking for a taco truck or an affordable catering service to provide an assortment of tacos for a rehearsal dinner in Berkeley. Any recommendations? anon

Try El Taco Bike! I know he does catering and such, all on his bike. Yea tacos!

We had our wedding rehearsal dinner catered by Picante (restaurant in Berkeley), and they did a wonderful job. We kept the cost manageable by providing (through Mi Pueblo) our own queso fresco, salsas, and other taco 'accessories.' We also provided our own plates, napkins, cups, etc. We did splurge a little and have someone on site making the tortillas fresh, and it was 100% worth it. Good luck! loves tacos

We have used La Pinata (510-540-7773 before and loved it. They set up a cooking station and bring everything there. They make each taco & burrito to order. Good luck! Kendra

Sinaloa makes fantastic tacos and their rates are posted right on the side of their truck at International and 22nd Avenue in Oakland! Lisa R

Oh gee! Now you have me thinking of my favorite taco truck which btw does cater. It's the Sinaloa truck on the corner of International blvd and 22nd Ave. There are two related trucks on this same corner, but one does seafood as well. Yum! Good luck! Bill

Taco truck for a party

April 2011

For a young man's graduation party in June, some friends are looking for a taco truck with great food that serves the East Bay. Any recommendations? Dana

Try Alicia at She has a truck next to Michael's in Emeryville and a taqueria, too. She did my birthday party last year and it worked out just great. no hombre

Taco truck for a party

Feb 2011

Hello, We're having a big mexican fiesta and are going over the top in the 'cheesy' factor. We'd love to hire a local Oakland taco truck to park in front of the house for a few hours to feed our guests. Does anyone have any experience with this or recommendations? Many thanks!! Susan

My husband went to a party with a taco truck a year ago and loved the food so much he kept their business card. The company is El Ojo de Agua, 10401 International Blvd, Oakland, phone: 510/978-2698. Jenny

We have hired Abel Lopez twice for parties, after attending another that he catered. Great guy, great food, wonderful experience! Abel Lopez, El Paisa Taco Truck, 2900 International Blvd., Oakland. (510) 384-5465. Debbie

Best Mexican take-out in Grand/Lake area

March 2009

We just moved to the East Bay and are still hopelessly navigating our way around local take-out options in the Grand/Lake, downtown Oakland and Piedmont Ave areas. In SF we loved Papalote and we miss it (and its great fish and prawn burritos) :(

But I know East Bay-ers can recommend Mexican take-out spots just as good if not better! I commute from SF so will go anywhere on the way to the Grand Ave area once off the Bay Bridge for a good burrito. What are the best places to head over to? Thanks! anon

Las Comales on MacArthur near Fruitvale. Buritto lover

My favorite for mexican food is Baja Taqueria on piedmont ave, across from 41st st. Their food tastes very authentic to me, having spent some time in central mexico. They are also very environmentally responsible. Whole foods actually makes good burritos too (I don't think fish is an option there though). - There is one in oakland near grand ave. happy eating!

I really like Baja on Piedmont Ave at 41st. It has great fish tacos. Anna

i really like connie's on grand, up from the theater (same side) toward safeway. not familiar with your fav spot in sf, but connie's is great plus she (connie) is super nice and will notice if you haven't been there before and say hello to you and welcome you, which is lovely. love mexican food!

I have lived in SF mission district and now live in grand lake area and my favorite taqueria of all is Los Cantaros on grand ave by children's fairyland. I am a vegetarian, but everyone I have brought there (we go weekly) has loved the meat items too. Their Aquas Frescas are really something too. dani

Good mexican food for xmas party?

Dec 2005

so we;re going to do a mexican xmas potluck ..there's 25 of us and so it's always buffet style .. none of us care for the turkey thing and so we always mix it up. this year we thought it's be fun to try and stick to a theme albeit loosely but it's hard and I'm charged with co-ordinating it all- the older sister syndrome- So where in the east bay can i send my family to pick up some great tamales, and other mexican delicacies? thanks JD...

We love to eat Mexican at La Borinquena Mex-icatession located at 582 7th street. Their number is 510-444-9954. They are located in Oakland near the Oakland police department. They have a cafeteria style set up where you can call and/or pick up tamalas and everything else in one visit. Carolyn

oh my goodness, go get chicken enchiladas (they can make you takeout platters) at portumex in richmond. not the best part of town, but well worth the drive. authentic and muy deliciosa! jennifer yum!

Maybe too far for you, but New Mecca in Martinez.

We used Cancun Taqueria (Allston St, I believe) for catering my husband's 40th birthday party. We had about 30 people. The food was EXCELLENT. There was a bit of a mix-up on a part of the order, but they bent over backwards to correct it. I would use them again. anon

try Pepitos in Richmond on 23rd. They have great tamales and other goodies b3rkl33m0m

You must try La Boranquena Mexicatessan in Oakland. I think they are on 7th (right near where Mexicali Rose is) in downtown. Amazing food, great tamales, low prices and they specialize in takeout/catering. Enjoy!

Yummy Mexican sit-down restaurant?

Aug 2005

I am looking for a yummy sit-down mexican restaurant with good food and margaritas a reasonable distance from North Oakland/Berkeley. I have places I go for great burritos and tacos but I am looking for more of a dining experience than a taqueria. What places do you like? I am open to suggestions in the East Bay and SF. Gracias! Jennifer

Try Dona Tomas on Telegraph (near 51st) in Oakland. Michael

You'll get this over and over, but Dona Tomas has generally excellent, authentic Mexican food. It's an upscale restaurant with upscale food - definitely not a taco shop. I don't know the exact address but its on Telegraph just off of 51st in Oakland. Rebecca

Have you tried Dona Tomas on Telegraph Ave in Oakland? It's not cheap but it's yummy, has great drinks , a festive feeling inside and out. It's sister site is on 4th Street in Berkeley.It's called Tacubaya and is more of a cafe than a restaurant. Everyone in my family finds something they love at either place. H.S.Brown

I highly recommend Dona Tomas in North Oakland - Temescal. Great food, drinks and atmosphere. Even an outdoor patio that's lovely on warmer nights. Dona Tomas is Mexican, but definitely a step above most burrito joints. According to their website, they serve ''authentic regional and exotic food from all over Mexico''. A must try. See for details. They're located at Telegraph and 51st, across the street from Walgreen's. Long-time Dona Tomas diner

I almost don't want to share my secret, although I know it's getting out anyway, but THE BEST Mexican restaurant is El Huarache Azteca - it's on E14th between 38th and 39th in Fruitvale. The food is real Mexican food, Mexico City specifically, and really, really delicious -- even good vegetarian food (try the corn fungus quesadillas!! Sounds wierd but they're incredible). Interesting, perfectly spiced, great variety, and really cheap! Don't know about the margaritas, but have had other alcoholic and non-al drinks that are great -- on Sundays there is's a great atmosphere. It is all the way in Fruitvale but SO worth the trip! my mouth is watering...

The best mexican restaurant with great margaritas is Tommy's Mexican Restaurant on Geary and 24th in the city (not to be confused w/ Tommy's Joint on Van Ness). A traditional family rest. with 100% agave tequlia margos with fresh squeezed lime juice. The carne asada is outstanding. They do not take reservations and it can be quite crowded on the weekends, but I never mind waiting with a cold margo in my hand! It's worth the trip over the bridge. Many nights you'll find Tommy serving tables, his son Julio pouring margo's, and his wife and daughter hosting the front. We LOVE it there! Kerri

Caterer for corporate Cinco de Mayo celebration

Feb 2005

I am looking for a reliable, reasonably-priced caterer for a corporate Cinco de Mayo celebration. I'd prefer someone close to Hayward, where the event will take place. (San Leandro - Castro Valley - Fremont) As this is a large corporate event I need to know that their service will be completely reliable. Any recommendations? Karolyn

I just noticed that Cactus Taqueria (with locations on both Solano and College) has a catering menu. cactus fan

Mexican food for about 50 adults

May 2002

I am planning a party (for about 50 adults) and I'd like to have it catered. Can anyone recommend a caterer who can provide Mexican food (enchiladas, rice & beans, etc.)? The website has several recommendations for caterers, but I'm looking for Mexican food in particular. Thanks in advance! Jennifer

We were just at Baja Fresh last night and noticed they do catering. It seemed at a glance their catering menu was more extensive than their regular menu. They're on Shattuck in downtown Berkeley. you might also want to try Picante on 6th street. teresa

Try Cancun in Berkeley on Allston Way.

Portamex in San Pablo/Richmond is yummy. They catered a wedding of a friend once. Angela

Have you called Picante, on 6th Street in Berkeley? I think they might cater, and their food is marvelous. Yum yum. Wendy

You can try Pepito's Deli in Berkeley on San Pablo Ave, and Dwight. They have great enchiladas and rice and beans. I know that they do catering. You can also try La Borinquena Mexican Deli in Oakland. It is right across from the police department on Jefferson and 7th. They have the best food homemade tamales, rice, beans the works. Good Luck! Alex

Cancun Restaurant off Addison Street here in Berkeley is excellent. I coordinate monthly meetings for a non-profit and they have done all our events this year. they do tradtional faire but in a tapas style (appetizers) with an assortment of items (tacos, meat and veggie quesadillas, ceviche, tostadas, and chimichagas). The price is reasonable usually about $5-$7 person and that includes sodas, chips, three kinds of salsa and all the utensils and paper goods. The contact person there is Andrea and her direct line is 510-549-0838. You will not be disappionted. Oscar

My husband works for an organization on campus and he is always using catering services for his meetings. The best Mexican food that cater's that he has found is Cancun's Restaurant They have a great salsa bar and their food is really good (we think). You should go and taste for your self. Their restaurant is on Kittridge (I think), almost at the corner of Oxford. It is next door to the new apartment complex called Guia apartments. Good luck! Sandra

Cancun Taqueria in Berkeley caters. Toby

Cancun Taqueria in Berkeley or Mecca from Pittsburg both do excellent jobs in catering Mexican Food.

Try Juan's Place in berkeley. I once went to an affair they catered--all the standard Mexican-American food, and pretty tasty. M.S.

You should give Cactus Taqueria a call, especially if you're looking for enchiladas. Their mole verde with ground pumpkin seeds is wonderful, as are their red mole and adobe sauce (the latter two are specials and not always available). Plus, their prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the food (Niman-Schell beef, no lard, etc.). I've never used them for catering, but know that they handle big orders. Cactus is near the top of Solano, just west of the Alameda; their number is 528-1881. (There's a second location on College, but I'm not familiar with it.) Lynn K.