Visiting Lake Comanche

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    July 2002

    Re: Beach vacation in N. California
    You could try Lake Commanche (I forget exactly where it is, but it is in California - you can look it up on the web) One shore has a rocky beach and the other has a sandy beach. It's a campground where you could enjoy boating and fishing as well as hiking. My parents used to take us kids there on the weekends (we'd leave Friday and return Sunday) We live in the Bay Area so that you should give you some idea of the driving range. I keep thinking it's up North near Sacramento, but I could be wrong. marianne

    Regarding lake Comanche, I read the past recommendation and I disagree with it for one reason only. I was there a few years ago and it was still as I remembered it. It all depends on the time of the year you go. If you go at the busiest season, yes, you're going to be disappointed. The same can be said for any good place to go. There are certain times of the year when jet skiers, etc. flock there. You should at least call and ask them when it won't be as crowded. They know from past experience when a good time would be for a visit such as you're looking for. The staff are quite polite and very attentive.

    I was just reading a comment posted by your organization about Lake Comanche, I am not sure how long ago the message was posted, but I just wanted to let you know of a a beautiful a fun lake to take your children to. It is Lake McSwain ... (see Lake McSwain for the rest of this review.)

    We're going to attempt camping and lake swimming, (first time for kids, boys 3 and 4). Any thoughts on whether the north shore or south shore is better for kids or for campground nearness to shore? Any experieince with the site? thx. Allison

    Both me and my boyfriend camped at Lake Comanche as kids, so we tried it last summer, and were less than happy campers. It seems like its pretty much a nautical ghetto, meaning almost everyone that goes there has boats or jet skis, its not really swimming oriented, and we had trouble even renting a boat! The little dock was full of fishing boats (one was missing) yet they kept telling us there were none available. I don't know what was going on with that, but I think there are way better places to camp with kids!!! If you are looking for somewhere with swimming and is not too far away, a couple weeks ago we went to Hendy Wood State Park (near Cloverdale) and it was great. We went swimming in the Navarro River and there is lots of low intensity short hikes, good for high energy kids. Plus its way more beautiful than Lake Comanche! Elizabeth