Visiting Jenner and Ft. Ross

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September 2003

Bodega Bay & Beyond Vacation Rentals

Re: Pet-friendly Getaways
Bodega Bay & Beyond Vacation Rentals has about two dozen rental properties that allow pets. I had a wonderful experience with this company when I rented ''The Crow's Nest'' in Jenner. Their website has photos and complete descriptions of every property. Check out all their pet-friendly rentals at PJ

March 2003

Re: Romantic Getaway for Couples
My husband and I recently took a great trip up Rt. 1, and found some gorgeous spots. A really beautiful (and affordable) Russian-style B is St. Orres, near Ft. Ross ( -- more than a 90-minute drive, I think, but so worth it. We had an AMAZING dinner at Pangaea restaurant in nearby Pt. Reyes.

Aug 2001

Re: vacation spot for multi-family vacation
We spent some time in the Ft Ross/Jenner area which is about 2 hours from Oakland. We stopped at the Jelly Belly Factory and Bodega on the way up to entertain the kids. We stayed at a place which was somewhat rustic but fun for the kids (had pig, chicken, peacocks, was close to the water, had hiking trails restaurants nearby though) It was called the Stillwater Cove Ranch 707-847-3227. They have several cabins and rooms available for rental. There were other places a little less rustic in that area also: also Murphy's Jenner Inn (707-865-2377) located on the Highway 1, is an extremely popular bed and breakfast operation. Cottages next to the lodge have been made into 10 rooms and suites. All have private baths and most have decks and ocean views. Several have hot tubs ($$ to $$$). Their restaurant is a noted seafood place and has a full bar. It was a fun area to drive around. The food and people at The River's End Inn were wonderful. BergaHoo Family


We've gone camping a few times at Salt Point (north of Jenner) which my son (now 4) has enjoyed a lot. There's a ~1/2 mile hike down to the sea where there are many tidepools, seals and abalone fishing. There's usually a lot of deer around the campsites, too, which makes for fun times. We've been there when it's been windy and foggy and then again when it's been blazing sun and there always seemed plenty to do to keep little (and big) ones occupied. It's also near Fort Ross which is pretty cool, too.