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Hot Springs sans nudity

May 2010

Hi All, I'm looking for a hot spring vacation in the 1 to 4 hour driving range from Berkeley. I am also interested in looking for one that is NOT a nudist event. I'm not judging what others want to do, it's just not how I want to spend a vacation. Thanks! need a soak!

[Moderator's Note - Calistoga has lots of places like this.]
The Sonoma Mission Inn has a really nice warm spring pool and a lot of spa amenities. It's a pricey, elegant place for special occasions. The spas at Calistoga may vary, so check around - some are clothing-required, some not.

Sycamore Hot Springs


Re: Trip with Sisters
re all-girls roadtrip: sounds like fun! Try Sycamore Hot Springs, near San Luis Obispo. I think the name of the town is Avila or Avila Beach. We went there several years back and it's great--24 different hot tubs nestled in the hillside (I think you have to sign up and maybe pay extra some times of day because the place also caters to non-overnight guests), plus a hot tub on the balcony of your room. The rooms were pleasant but basic. Beautiful gardens with old trees, a good restaurant, massage available, a quiet setting. It's an old-time hot spring that's been redone. A bit far, but you could do Hearst Castle on the way. Susan