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Car seat laws in Korea, Hong Kong, China

March 2005

We are going to Korea, Hong Kong, and China in a few weeks and would like some advice on whether to bring our car seat. Based on my internet research, I don't think there are any car seat requirements in these countries and we will probably be taking public transport most of the time. Does anyone know for sure if there are car seat requirements in these places? We might take an occasional ride in a taxi or relative's (all with older kids) car. Is is worth it to have our car seat for these trips? I fear the taxi cabs just passing us by if we are carrying a car seat but I do want our 11 month old to be safe! Even if we don't need a car seat in Asia, is it worth the hassle of carrying it around to have it on the plane? Miriam

Hi. I don't think in Hong Kong there is requirement for car seats. Everything moves soooo fast there that probably by the time you have the car seat hooked up and your little one fastened in, you'll be at your destination already! I don't think it's necessary-just BE CAREFUL! anon

I don't have any experience with the product at all, but just ran across it recently while looking for something completely different. jump.jsp?lGen=detail=313766=PRODUCT=3137 66=117 if my cut and paste job doesn't provide a useable link, go to and search for ''Tote 'n' Go DX Portable Car Seat''. Looks like a nifty idea and probably the answer to your problem. Have a great trip! matt

We vacationed in Hong Kong last year with our six-month-old. There are no laws about using car seats. We took ours along, and had no problem using it in the taxis (there are seatbelts.) That said, we had a number of marathon days where we found ourselves on subways, boats, and taxis -- and it was not always fun to lug around a carseat with us (she at least was at the age where we could snap the seat into the stroller.) My aunt (who lives there) told us that the traffic would be so slow that carseats were not necessary, but I found many drivers to be pretty insane! Katy

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