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Miniature golf courses

July 2002

Anyone know of any mini golf close by? T

There's a mini golf place in Castro Valley that's off of the Strobridge Avenue exit of Hwy. 580. -- Ilana

There's an entertainment center with miniature golf out past (near?) Livermore on 580 and one with similar (may be the same company) theme off I-80 on the way to Vacaville. Haven't gone to either but one of my car pool riders says they're both nicer than the one in Castro Valley (which is pretty tame compared to places back east like Pirates Cove on Cape Cod, if that's the sort of thing you have in mind). Norm

There's a nice mini-golf place in a regional park north of San Rafael. It's about a 30-minute drive. We haven't found one any closer, unfortunately. It's at the McInnis Park Golf Center, which is one mile east of Highway 101 on Smith Ranch Road in San Rafael. Here's the URL for the website: Maria

May 2002

Are there any minature golf courses in the Alameda-Oakland-Berkeley area? LORRAINE

There are no miniature golf courses in the Berkeley-Oakland-Alameda area. The closest are: Master Links Miniature Golf Course in Concord--about 35 minutes, depending upon traffic. They have three 18 hole courses with interesting holes--it is old, so balls get stuck on a few holes, but so what! It is also incredibly cheap: $5 per person for unlimited play; one kid 5 and under is free with a paid adult. For a group of 10 or more, the cost is $3 per person for unlimited play, and you can reserve a picnic table for your group for no extra charge, and bring in whatever food you wish, as they only have a few vending machines. Here are the directions: Directions to Master Links Miniature Golf Course: Get onto Highway 24 East. Take Highway 680 North at the split. Exit Treat Blvd. Go right on Treat about 4 miles to Clayton Road. Turn right on Clayton. The course is at 4766 Clayton Rd., less than 1 mile on the right.

The other choice is Scandia Family Fun Center, in Cordelia (between Vallejo and Fairfield). The cost is much higher--$6 per game; $4 per game under 10. There are two 18 hole courses, and most of the layouts aren't as interesting. There are also LOTS of other things for you to have to spend money on there--lots of video games (Master Links has only a few); go-carts, etc. It's also literally right on Route 80, with cars whizzing by at 65 mph. Joan

No, nothing in the immediate area. We found a nice one out in Livermore which is a bit of a trek. Be warned, they don't just make miniature golf places anymore-they are all arcades with a lot more activities than you bargain for. It can add up! JaredJo

There is--or was--a miniature golf course attached to the standard golf course in Dimond Park off Highway 13 (Park Blvd exit?). It was rather run down when I went there about five years ago. There is a very nice miniature golf course in Castro Valley called Golden Tee. It's on Castro Valley Boulevard, it has lots of holes. You can play a long time for your club rental fee. Louise Note from Myriam: Actually, this was the Montclair Golf Course. I think it's closed now... Not connected with Dimond (which is off Fruitvale).

Check out this web site for places in California: There are reviews, addresses, and phone numbers for the mini golf courses on this web site. Or, you can go to the main site and click on Course Listings, then California Listings, then choose Bay Area: I don't know how reliable these listings are, but I have been to the ones in Castro Valley, Livermore, and Fremont. And, as the moderator noted, the one in Oakland no longer is there. Elise