Cell Phones in Europe

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Cell phone for Europe Trip

Sept 2007

I will be driving around Italy in October. Would like to have a cell phone to use for safety reason (buy/rent)and maybe a call home or two. I don't expect to use it a lot but also don't want to spend $10 a minute. My local carrier has no support in Italy. Suggestions?? Thanks Jesse

Visit mobal.com and see what they have. I bought a cell phone from them a few years ago and have used it in England, Italy and Greece. The phone was reasonably priced and the bill for the calls was not outrageous, though I can't quite remember what it was. They provided excellent service and answered all questions. Worth checking it out. satisfied customer

Buy an unlocked quad band GSM phone and then when you arrive in Italy buy a sim card for the phone, sold at magazine stands (I think) and you'll be good to go. You should also be able to buy a recharge card as well if you will need it. This phone and system will work in most other countries. You might want to check into a discount access code, a number you will dial before the phone number. Good Luck traveller

You can get a bunch of info about using cell phones in Europe on Fodors.com at their talk site. The best way to use that forum is to go to the Europe section of Fodors Talk and search for past discussions on cell phones or mobile phones. If you still have questions after reading the archives, then ask a question. It is a great site for other travel questions, too; just make sure you always check their archives first. You can also try the Rick Steves site. Anon.