Easter Egg Hunts

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Easter egg hunts in Oakland

April 2009

The three major easter egg hunts in Oakland are:

Dunsmuir Easter Egg Hunt http://www.dunsmuir.org/calendar.htm

Mosswood Easter Egg Hunt http://www.oaklandnet.com/parks/news/events.asp?ecal=440..4.2009

Lake Chabot Golf Course Easter Egg Hunt http://www.oaklandnet.com/parks/news/events.asp?ecal=439..4.2009

Easter egg hunts in the East Bay

Feb 2007

Hi, I checked the archives for this and found them to be a little dated. My daughter will be almost 2 by the time Easter rolls around. I would love to take her to an Easter egg hunt. We are not religious - just enjoy the fun of the Easter bunny, egg hunts, etc. I read a little bit about the Albany Spring Fair which sounds promising. I just wanted to know if there were any other hunts that went on appropriate for toddlers in the East Bay, specifically between the Berkely / Oakland side of the Caldecott tunnel? Thanks! Cathy

There is a Spring Egg Scramble in Alameda on March 31st from 10-11:45 at Crown Memorial Beach. Call Alameda Recreation and Park Dept for more info. I have never been, but it sounds like a fun time. Alameda mom

Easter Egg hunt near North Oakland?

March 2006

Is there a local place where my son can participate in an Easter Egg hunt? We live in North Oakland. Thanks. mommy

There will be a fabulous egg hunt on April 8th at Memorial Park, in Albany, hosted by the Albany Preschool. It will be part of a fundraising Spring Fair, so there will be games, crafts, food, etc. It will be a fun event. Hope to see you there. Toni

Check out the Alameda Recreation and Parks website! They have an Easter Eggstavaganza April 8th (rain date is April 15th) at Crown Memorial Beach in the grass area by the boathouse. It's always a lot of fun and unless you want food or a picture with the EB it's free. Laura

There will be an egg hunt at the Spring Fair in Albany on Sat. April 8 (assuming there's no rain that day). The Fair begins at 10am with the arrival of the bunny on a fire truck and the egg hunt will begin directly after that. Hope you can make it! anon

Here's Eggster's blurb: they do a free egg hunt on UCB campus each year.

''Welcome to Eggster! We are a non-profit student run organization located in Berkeley, California. Every year we organize and run the largest free egghunt in Northern California. Not only is it free for all kids, it is also a learning festival! We donate all our proceeds to local charities. Please feel free to look around our website. This year's Eggster Hunt and Learning Festival will take place on: Saturday, April 15, 2006, from 10am - 3pm''


New to the area, looking for an Easter Egg hunt

April 2002

Hi there, My family and I are new to the area and are looking for something fun to do on easter. We are not looking for a very religious event, just some sort of community egg hunt. My children are 4 and 5.5. thanks cris

There is an Easter Egg Hunt plus other activiities at Jack London Square on Easter Sunday from 10AM - 2PM. There is a farmer's market there every Sunday of the year that my one year old loves to go to - it will be going on along with the Easter festivities. Enjoy! A Mom

The wonderful Albany cooperative preschool puts on a very fun ''Spring Fair'', Sat. March 30 from 9:30 to 1. The Easter bunny arrives on a fire truck at 10 am and kicks off the egg hunt (which is separated by age groups), then there are lots of booths and games. It's at Memorial Park in Albany. preschool mom

More reviews of Easter Egg Hunts

April 1999

From: Stacy

I wanted to let everyone know about a fabulous Easter Egg Hunt here on the Berkeley campus. It is called the Eggster Hunt and Learning Festival . They have egg hunts set up all day for all age groups. They also have booths and learning activities and displays. The hunt is Saturday, April 3. 10am-4pm at West Circle just off University Avenue.

From: Kelly

This is in reply to the women looking for an egg hunt for her toddler. The 5th Annual Eggster Hunt and Learning Festival is taking place this weekend at the University. It is from 10am -2 pm on the Strawberry Creek Lawn in front of the Valley Life Sciences Building off of Oxford Street. It is free for all children and I am taking my 5 y/o daughter for the first time this year. I have friends that have gone for the last couple of years and they say it's great. It is put on by the Alumni Scholars Club and the California Alumni Association. Not only is there egg hunts but also learning booths, arts and crafts, games and entertainment. They even have special toddler egg hunt just for the little ones. See you there!!


From: Linda

Montclair Park has one. Low-key. Attention given to the little ones getting some eggs. I don't know the time. Call Montclair Rec Center. Get there on time, as it starts at a bell, and there isn't much left after that.

From: Barbara

UC Berkeley Sororities and Fraternities usually put on a great Easter Egg Hunt/Activity Day, called Eggster , on campus. It is open to the public, and is free, although they request donations because it is a fund-raiser for children's organizations. We had attended for 2 of the past 3 years, and my son has had a great time. They have separate egg hunts for the 3 and under and the over 3's, and egg hunts are run every 30 min. or so. They also have many other activities - face-painting, crafts, games, etc. The only problem - I haven't seen it advertised yet this year, so I don't know when it will be. Otherwise, there is a nice hunt in Montclair park , but it can be very busy. The children's parade on Lakeshore Ave. is also fun (get an Easter bonnet to decorate at any Lakeshore merchant.