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Vacation Home near Disneyland?

May 2014

We are heading to Disneyland this summer and would love to find a vacation house near the park to stay for 5 days- we have rented houses all over and prefer it to hotels - does anyone have any advice on areas near the park to look or a particular house you may have stayed at and loved? Thanks! on our way

You might want to try airbnb.com. We used it when we went to Encinitas/San Diego last summer and it worked great. I found it a bit less expensive than some of the others which have more fees. You rent a room, apartment, or whole house that the owner rents out to you and often has fixed up for this purpose. This way you can come and go as you wish, buy your own food, etc. and it is more personal than a hotel for sure. Good luck........ anon

We rented this vacation home via VRBO (http://www.vrbo.com/328683) and really enjoyed our stay. It's in walking distance (10-15 minutes) from Disneyland. The home is nicely decorated and have everything! The reviews on the website say it all. Chun

Where to stay for Disneyland

Feb 2012

We are heading to Disneyland. We have always stayed at the Grand Californian before but our kids are older now, 6 and 8, and could spend all day at the park. We are torn between staying at a nicer hotel but having to take a shuttle or a less nice hotel but walkable to the entrance. Can you share the hotels that you have stayed at and your experience to help me decide? Can't Decide

We went with kids age 7 and 10, over spring break, and stayed in an inexpensive hotel that was about a 15 minute walk from the park entrance, close to the 'Toy Story' parking lot. I don't even remember which one it was we chose based on price, listed beds/amenities, and reviews - but it was fine; the street is lined with basically interchangeable hotels and they all offer park shuttle service. Sometimes it's included in your room rate and sometimes there's a separate fee but they all have it. We walked in to the park in the morning, and took a shuttle bus (either the Disney parking shuttle, which is frequent and free and nobody checks anything to be certain that you actually have a car parked in their lot, or the hotel shuttle) back at night when we were tired. It worked out fine, and I really can't see any reason to spend a lot of money on a hotel when all you're going to do is sleep there. Especially with kids old enough to want to stay in the park until midnight! Holly

We stayed at the Anaheim Camelot Inn & Suites, camelotinn-anaheim.com, and were very pleased with the whole experience. It's nothing special, just a regular motel, but it's reasonably priced and has a pool and hot tub, and best of all, it's only a block away from Disneyland, so we were able to walk there, which was great. We went back to our room in the middle of the day for a rest. Location, location, location

I highly recommend the Park Vue Inn. It is directly across the street from the entrance to the parks, which means you don't have to waste a lot if time walking. The rooms are just fine (nowhere near the luxury level of the Grand Californian, but significantly cheaper too), and they offer rooms with bunk beds, which kids always seem to get a kick out of. They have a pool and offer a free continental breakfast, if you just want to get up, eat fast, and get to the parks. Have a great trip

I like the Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate on Clementine. It's an all-suite hotel, so you've got a kitchen and anything from a studio to a 2-bedroom. The rate includes a hot buffet breakfast. It's a 15 or 20 minute walk to the park, or you can take the shuttle. It's located near the Anaheim Garden Walk mall that has some reasonably priced dining option, less crowded and better quality than you can find closer to the park. Carrie

A friend recommended Candy Cane Inn to us. It received great reviews on Trip Advisor. She had stayed a couple times with her family and liked it, so we tried it. It's basically a clean and well run motel. The big draw is that it is within the same block as Disneyland and California Adventure. You can take a shuttle, but we chose to walk because it was so close. Our kids like 4 star hotels, and I prefer nice accommodations, but we all enjoyed the convenience of CC Inn, and I liked that it was inexpensive. Complimentary parking and breakfast with a pool and hot tub; a fridge in the room, which is always convenient. We walked back mid-day for a swim and lunch, stayed at the park til closing, and came back to swim again before bedtime --pool is open til 11. (Our kids - two 9 year olds and a 7 year old.) The other guests were well behaved, so it wasn't a bad 'motel experience' that you might find in an inexpensive motel. The staff was very friendly and efficient. The only downside is the parking spaces are a bit small for an SUV, but the SUVs still fit. Our hotel snob kids want to go back to the Candy Cane Inn. Because we spent most of our time at Disneyland, I didn't mind that it was a motel, as the close proximity was key. We only stayed a couple nights - I think it might get old during a longer stay. It might be worth reading some online reviews. You can check Trip Advisor. Have fun! Linda

We just got back from Disneyland two days ago. We stayed at the Candy Cane Inn. www.candycaneinn.net I highly recommend it! Nice place, nice pool, expanded continental breakfast included, free frequent shuttle to Disneyland which took less than 5 minutes. One morning we walked and it was only a 10 minute walk. I would definitely stay there again. anon

OMG - if you can afford to stay at the Grand Californian, by all means continue to stay there! The main reason right now is that since the opening of Cars Land (super popular), Disney Resort Hotel guests can enter either Disneyland or California Adventure one hour early every day of their stay. Anyone who loves these parks knows that the very best time to go is first thing in the morning!

Otherwise, our family has stayed at zillions of places, and we always prefer to stay somewhere within easy walking distance of the gate. We have found the hotel shuttles to eat up our valuable time! I like to use my Marriott points to stay at the Anaheim Fairfield Inn (request rooms that face the park, not the freeway). We have stayed at the Park Vue and the Ramada Maingate (both are literally across the street from the entrance - and they still give you free parking).

We are the kind of crazy Disney nuts who can stay in the parks, hopping back and forth, from 7am until closing at midnight or beyond. Yet, it's still nice to have a place where we can take a rest or change clothes or pop into a pool for a little break. Of course, that's because we usually go for 2-4 days. Anyway, I'd love to stay at the Grand Californian or Disneyland Hotel again if I could afford it. Disneyland fanatic

This will be a big step down from what I imagine you are accustomed to, but we just stayed at the La Quinta on South Clemintine. We got the kids' suite room for a fraction of the cost of the Grand Californian. The room is actually much nicer than we expected, clean (except for one neglected corner), and other than some hallway noise, very quiet. The kids' room has a bunk bed with a full bottom bed, and to give you an idea of the size, comfortably fits a pack and play as well. It is about a ten minute walk to the parks. Disney on a 'budget'

Gift basket delivery to the Hyatt?

July 2010

We are taking our kids on a surprise trip to Disneyland next month. We would like to have a gift basket of Disney stuff delivered to our NON-Disney Hotel (hyatt) so it will be in our room when we arrive (my daughter is turning 5 while we are there). Does anyone know of a place that will make up and deliver such a basket?
PS - We did not book our plans thru Disney.

You could hit the Disney Store in SF or at the mall (I think there is one at SunValley in Concord) and make your own basket for the kids and ship it to arrive the day you get there.

What fun! The Hyatt near Disneyland is a Good Neighbor hotel. They actually have a Disney desk staffed by Disney employees inside. Call the concierge and they can do this easily. The gift shop is also fully loaded. We've stayed there many times and done similar treats without hassle. FYI, there is a Target across the street. A few times my husband has run over there in the morning and purchased Disney items there (much cheaper!) for sneaky surprises. Disney Gal

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Hotel for first trip to Disneyland

Feb 2008

We are planning to go to Disneyland in April. We are a family of four (2 adults and 2 kids, 7 and 3 years). Searching for the right hotel is a daunting task and I simply don't have 24 hours a day to do all of that research. Therefore, any recommendation for a nice hotel would be helpful. Our budget is around $200 a night, more or less. The lower the cost the better as long as it offers what we need. We are looking for a hotel that's in close proximity to the park so we can head back to our room during nap hours for our 3 years old. We would prefer to have amenities like complementary breakfast, a full kitchen in the suite, coin laundry facilities, shuttle service to and from the park etc... This will our first trip and any advice you can give will be appreciated. Working mom

From my experience one of the most important things you need is a balcony so that after the kids are in bed you can go into another room so-to-speak. I recommend Howard Johnson which is about a block or so away from the Park. We always found that the younger child fell asleep in the stroller and the older child wanted to keep going so we never went back to the hotel for the nap. You also need a refrigerator, but I doubt that you will find the full kitchen unless it's far away from the park or too expensive. Try to bring plenty of snacks for the day so you don't have to buy the food in the park which is too expensive. Have a great time!

We stayed at the Paradise Pier on the Disneyland Resort this last December and loved it. You can easily get a room for around $175 (two queen beds) and it was worth it to stay at the resort -there are so many benefits. To get into the parks you cross the street into the Grand Californian and there's an entrance to California Adventure from the lobby. It took me less than 10 minutes to walk from the Disneyland gate to our room. If you buy anything in the park you can have it sent to your room, there's a kid's club for older ones and having downtown Disney right there is great for eating and entertainment. The rooms at the Paradise Pier were nice, and clean (our son loved that there was Mickey Mouse soap!), and there is a cafe, store and two restaurants downstairs. Room service was excellent and not outrageously expensive, we never used the pool (December!) but it looked nice, and there was a workout room, arcade and a kid's movie room etc. We booked our whole vacation thro! ugh AAA - and got food vouchers, booked character breakfasts, park passes and got a bunch of nifty little bonuses (preferred seating at the shows was a huge bonus, the pins and lanyards and stuff was great for the kid). It was nice to have everything taken care of before we left, I really was pleased with our experience. Now a Disneyland Fan

I usually stay at the Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate on Clementine. It's about a 15 minute walk from the park, or there's a shuttle. It's all suites, with a variety of room configurations all with a full kitchen. I think we paid $239 last year for a penthouse suite (loft bedroom, regular bedroom, sofabed) that we put 5 adults and 1 child in. They also have 1 bedroom and studios that would accommodate you (I don't know how much you value having a separate bedroom; I think it's great for naps). Oh, and they really have quite a good complementary breakfast.

Speaking of naps, my 3 year old got so wound up a Disneyland that she wouldn't nap until she crashed, even when we took her back to the hotel (it was just a lot of walking and wasted time), so we ended up letting go until she crashed in the stroller on subsequent days. Carrie

My family and I go to Disneyland every Christmas Day for three days. We ALWAYS stay at The Alpine Inn. It is one of two non-Disneyland properties physically sharing property with Disneyland (and is the closest hotel to the parking lot pedestrian entrance). It is across the street from the Anaheim Convention Center. You don't need a shuttle, you walk about 500 feet(maybe?) and turn into the parking lot where people pay for parking! It is an additional 100 feet(maybe?) to the tram stop. They have family suites, single rooms, continental breakfast, and they sell theme park tickets at the hotel office. I checked on online prices, they are really good! Somewhere around $100. Also, check for AAA, Credit unions, and other discount organizations you may be apart of for more discounts!

The not so great stuff: They don't have full kitchens(only microwaves and refrigerators), or washer/dryers, they don't have shuttles(too close!), and it is important to go early in the day of check in and get good parking. The parking lot is small and they usually sell out the hotel so all the parking spots are taken.

But, the hotel is clean and the staff is very friendly(they cleaned our room and let us in early when we had a sick kid one year). I love being able to pass this gem on to all of you! Have fun at Disneyland no matter where you stay. Contact Info: Alpine Motel www.alpineinnanaheim.com 715 W Katella Ave Anaheim, CA 92802 (714) 535-2186

For everything you're looking for, I would recommend Homewood Suites by Hilton on s. Harbor. They have a free shuttle to and from Disneyland, have a complementary breakfast buffet (not just muffins and fruit, you can have eggs, waffles, etc. and they don't care if you take some of this food up to your room...we did that when we stayed there last Nov.) The rooms are a good size, there's a kitchen with all the utensils/dishes/cups that you could need. The staff was pretty friendly too. It's also in the same ''complex'' as a Red Robin and some other eateries and across the street is Target (in case you have any last minute purchases). Have fun! Mai

The first time we went (2000) we stayed at the Tropicana Inn & Suites at 1540 S. Harbor Blvd., Anaheaim 92802 714-635-4082. They are located directly across the street from the entrance to Disney so it's a great place to take the kids back to for an afternoon nap or romp in the pool. The 2nd time (2005) we stayed on the street perpindicular to Disney called Anabella Hotel at 1030 West Katella Ave., 714-905-1050. This was more upscale (two pools). Rooms were much nicer and I think the breakfast buffet was free for kids under 12. We walked to Disney and entered through the Grand Californian entrance but you can also take the bus and it drops you right in front! We booked through Triple A so the bus tickets were included with the package. Have a great time! Janet

We just got back from Disneyland and go regularly. We usually stay at one of the hotels across the street, usually the Camelot Inn or Carousel. They are reasonably priced (compared to the Disney hotels) and are really conveniently located. I think they are probably a closer walk than the Disneyland hotels. This time around we stayed at the Camelot Inn, in the 2 room suite, which was great. The rooms were big and there was a small fridge and microwave. It was remodeled last year and was nice (we stayed there two years ago, it had another name....Park Inn maybe?, and it was pretty worn out at the time). There is also a small pool and laundry facilities. We have also stayed at the Carousel Inn, also across the street, and it was good too. Both offer breakfasts (no frills - cheap pastries, basic cereal, fruit, juice/coffee). I would suggest a suite, if you can manage (I think they're around $200) because they offer you more space and the kids can be put down to nap or to bed ear! ly while the adults can stay up later. Have fun! Disneyland fans

Disneyland Hotels suggestions

Jan 2007

We are planning our first family vacation to Disneyland with our 3 yr old and 16 month old. We are trying to figure which hotels are the best as far as space/accomodations/cost. We've heard from many people that it is best to stay as close to the park as possible. But what is the difference between the Disneyland and Grand Californian Hotels? The reviews are about 3-4yrs old and they don't mention the Disney hotels, so we're looking for recent visitors to the Disney area. Thanks! Mickey mouse fan

We started out three years ago at the Disneyland Hotel with our then 1.5 year old and our 3.5 year old. It was fun - but it was very long walks back each day/night. Our kids still napped at that time and we would walk them back in our stroller all the way down downtown disney to the hotel during the day for a rest and then back again in the evening. You can use the Monorail, but the wait can be long and they don't allow strollers. The last two years we have stayed at the Grand Californian. We love it! Although it is a bit more expensive the location has been key. It is so easy for us to get in and out of the parks. We now rent our strollers daily. Easier than schleping them for us. We also stay on the concierge level at the hotel. That helps with breakfast, snacks and late night cookies and fruit. It also allows for another space to hang-out when the kids are napping. There is also the view of the fireworks with the music piped in to the lounge. So if you want to put the kids into their PJ's - grab some cookies and milk (we like the complimentary wine) and watch the fireworks. Either hotel is very accomendating. We just found that the convenience of the entry from the hotel to the park(s) made a HUGE difference. You can get good deals through AAA. Disney says that AAA offers the best price available, even better than Disney travel. Email me if you have anymore questions. adina

We went to Disneyland in November and stayed at the Grand Californian. I really recommend it if you are looking for convenience. I researched hotels a lot at tripadvisor.com first, and learned that the old Disneyland Hotel no longer has a monorail stop so it is not that convenient anymore. So we picked Grand. There is an entrance just for guests right into the California Adventure part, which we thought was more fun and less crowded that the traditional part of Disneyland. It is a very short walk from the hotel to the main Disneyland gate also via ''Downtown Disney''. We had 3 adults and 4 kids. We got two rooms, each with a double bed plus bunk beds. The bunks are really great - there is a trundle under the lower bunk too, so you can actually get three kids into one room with a big bed left for the parents. Warning: the bunks are smaller than standard twin size so if you have tall teenagers they will be uncomfortable. But, getting the room with bunks turned out to be cheaper than a big-enough suite at the Disneyland Hotel. The hotel was very comfortable, gorgeous lobby, nice pools, etc. The restaurants in the Grand Californian are pretty ridiculous though - don;t eat there. They are meant to be very fancy California Cuisine type places but the food does not measure up to what we are used to in Berkeley and the cost is crazy and the service irritating. We used room service for breakfast and that was good for the days when we wanted to get to the park early. You can order one breakfast that 2 can share. We ate lunches and dinners either at Cal. Adventure (there's a decent sort of Boudin bakery type place in the area that looks like Monterey) and also in Downtown Disney - the kids liked Rainforest Cafe and the big kids liked the ESPN zone. The Grand Californian is expensive but we only go to Disneyland every 5 or 6 years, and considering how much it is to fly everybody down there and buy the tickets and eat, it was so worth it to pay more and stay someplace convenient. I actually think Disneyland is more annoying than fun, but staying in a comfortable place conveniently located made it a much more enjoyable trip. Have fun! Ginger

This past fall we stayed at the Howard Johnson's right near Disneyland. Prices were much better than those of the Disney hotels, and it was walking distance from the park entrance. The hotel was just fine -- nothing fancy, but perfect with kids. Also they let you keep your car parked in their parking lot until park closing, even if you had checked out of the hotel that morning. Look on Mousesavers.com for discounts at HoJo's and other hotels/packages.

Last year we stayed at the Grand Californian. It was GREAT and I highly recommend it. That said, it was the in-laws who paid for it so the cost wasn't a factor for us (when normally it would be). It's located pretty much as close as you can get to both Disneyland and California Adventures. Nice if you need to come back for nap time and then out again, making the day VERY easy compared to having to go further. If you stay there and cost is not a factor, try to get a room on the concierge floor where you have access to the ''lounge''. They serve food goodies throughout the day there and, in our experience, because of this you never have to actually eat out. Like the Grand Cal if price is no object

you are going to have a great time at the Mouse House :) we went last Fall & stayed at the Portofino Inn & Suites. They have family suites, so you don't have to go to bed at 8PM when the kids do :) (though it does take some jimmy-rigging of blankets to make curtains, since you are separated by french doors, not solid wood) it is definitely walkable to the park-- about 15 minutes-- a drop in teh bucket compared to how much you will be walking all day around the park. there is also a shuttle stop right next door, I belieive it comes every 15-20 minutes (we never took it-- walkled to & from the park at least 10 times...). it is SO much more affordable than the Disney hotels & from what I hear more spacious as well. their website is http://www.portofinoinnanaheim.com/. you can get some good package deals (air, shuttle, park tix & hotel) through Disney Travel, even if you do not stay at one of the Disney hotels- local hotels (like the Portofino) form a 'good neighbor' network they use. have fun! Mouse Lovin' Mama :)

The Grand Californian is very expensive, but for us it was very worth it. Given the ages of your children, stay there if you can afford it. For us, each time we made this trip it was our ''big'' vacation of the year, so we splurged on the hotel. We've gone twice now, first when our children were 1.5 and 4 and then when they were 2.5 and 5. Each time it was so nice to be able to be the first ones in the park and to be able to easily leave the park, and return later, when we needed naps. Getting the the parks EARLY is key, and it is easiest to do that if you stay close (The Grand Californian is the closest hotel). The pools at the Grand Californian are also very nice, which is a nice way to spend some afternoon time when the parks are jammed. The only problem is that except by the pool, there is no where to grab something to eat at the Grand Californian. There is a nice very family friendly (but expensive) restaurant, which we did once each trip. But it is too much time/money to eat there for multiple meals. We ate our meals in the park or at local restaurants. Have FUN!! And make sure you spend some time with your little on in A Bug's Land in California Adventure. That is a great spot for toddlers. anon

My family just went to Disneyland last week and stayed at the Residence Inn Maingate. It's only 1/4 mile from the entrance to Disneyland, and they offer a shuttle that runs every 20 minutes. The one-bedroom suite that we got was only $149 per night and included a breakfast buffet. That was a lot less than any room at the Disnay hotels. dawn

we LOVED our stay at the grand californian. its super close to the parks: easy walk to disneyland and has its own entrance to cal adventurland. there is even stroller parking at the cal adventure entrance. there is a door right into downtown disney, and there is a monorail stop. but the best part about the grand californian is when you step inside - DISNEYLAND GOES AWAY. its built like the awahnee in yosemite and is filled with craftsman furniture, tiffany lamps, has a huge stone fireplace, and is dark and cool and calming and there isn't any music blaring and the damn mouse isn't everywhere. in fact, there is almost NO mouse in the hotel, and its very subtle, like the back of a high chair and the ceiling light fixture in the bar. the pools are great and not too crowded. the food is pretty good and they offer a range from a decent cafeteria to fine dining. and they have a character breakfast in their storyteller cafe. we had way more fun than we thought we would, because the hotel was so relaxing. the proximity made going in and out, and naptime, super easy.

the grand californian hotel is their most expensive - but if you are flexible with your dates i've heard you can get bitchin' rates at expedia or travelocity. the hotel doesn't always show as an option, its a waiting game. but the savings is worth it. have fun julia

We have stayed at the Disneyland Hotel twice, the Grand Californian once, and at a couple of motels right near the park. All were fine for two adults and our two kids. We started making these trips when our kids were pretty little (1 and 5), up until recently (they are 7 and 11). I think with little kids, you would enjoy the Grand Californian or the Disneyland Hotel. You will probably be going back to your room to take a rest/nap and such. The Grand Californian is unbelievably close to the park and has very nice amenities. It is pretty expensive, but you didn't mention whether cost was big factor for you or not.The Disneyland Hotel is a little further away--you have to walk through the Downtown Disney shops and restaurants to get there, and there is also a shuttle. It is fun because it has a great pool and Downtown Disney is a nice stroll. We recently stayed at the Carousel Inn, and it was a pretty decent motel. No grounds to wander with the kids like the Californian or Disneyland hotels, but it was right across the street and had a pretty decent breakfast included in the room price. We had a one-bedroom room that accommodated us comfortably, but it wasn't especially ''nice'' and didn't have the amentities a full-service hotel would have.But again, our kids are older now and just want to spend the entire day at Disneyland.

Again, the rooms and public areas were nice at the Disneyland and Grand Californian hotels, which we appreciated with the inevitable ''down time'' we had when our kids were little.

Anaheim Camelot Inn & Suites! We just got back from a wonderful 2-day trip to Disneyland with our 3.5-year-old and my 64-year-old mom. It was our first visit to Disneyland, so I had a lot of anxiety about finding the perfect place to stay and spent an embarrassing amount of time researching Disneyland and everything about the area. I probably looked at 50 hotels and motels before we went. It really depends a lot on what you can afford and what your needs are. If money were no object, I would definitely stay at the Grand Californian. It is very close to the parks (Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure) and a very beautiful hotel. (We didn't see the rooms, but the lobby and restaurants were impressive.) We couldn't find anything there for under $280/night for a double, and that was off-season. Out of the question for us! We wanted a two-room suite within walking distance of the parks. It only took us 5 minutes to walk from the Camelot Inn to the gates of DL/DCA. We stayed in room 330, which is a 3rd floor 2- room suite, with two balconies facing the park. We were thrilled to see the fireworks from our balconies both nights. There are very few rooms on S. Harbor Blvd. that truly have a view of the park and the fireworks. It is really more of a motel than a hotel (no restaurant, small lobby), but it was absolutely spotlessly clean, the beds were comfortable, both rooms had TV's, each had its own thermostat, and one room had a refrigerator, microwave and (tiny) sink. The only downside is that there was only one bathroom for the two rooms. The staff people were responsive, helpful and friendly. We were so pleased and plan to stay there next time! The cost for the two rooms for 3 nights was about $600. We considered staying within driving distance to save $30/night per room and I'm so glad we didn't! Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I feel like a Disneyland pro now. Have fun at the Happiest Place on Earth! Noel

Disneyland Nearby Hotel

April 2006

Hi, We are looking for a nice hotel (not a motel)outside Disneyland that has a nice pool and ideally a suite type room. Any recommendations? Thanks. (traveling with a 6 y.o. and a 4 y.o.) ellen

When we go to Disneyland, we always stay at the Hyatt (about a mile away). They have a free shuttle that runs every 30 minutes, two pools, and best of all, wonderful family suites for approx. $130/night (that's the AAA rate). There are also several good family restaurants within walking distance. Have fun! fourdunz

I just got back from a trip to Disneyland. We stayed at the Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate. It is an all suite hotel. We (4 adults and one toddler) stayed in a 2 bedroom suite (2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 living room, full kitchen). The room was great, although we had some kitchen issues (one of the elements on the oven was out and it wouldn't get hot enough to cook anything). The beds were comfortable for everyone except the person with a herniated disc (she prefers the Grand Californian). A buffet breakfast was included. There were always eggs (plain scrambled and scrambled with cheese and stuff), some kind of breakfast meat, pancakes or french toast, oatmeal, a selection of cold cereals, yogurt, muffins and pastries. You could cook your own waffle. The hotel was about a 15 min walk from the entrance (including some long stoplights). There was a nice pool, hot tub and kiddie pool, although they were closed one day during our visit for maintenance. I'd definitely stay there again. Carrie

The Candy Cane Inn is great-not a chain, clean, 5 mins walk to Disneyland.

2004 & Earlier

Has anyone stayed at the Disneyland Hotel?

April 2004

Has anyone stayed at the Disneyland Hotel? (I'm asking about the middle Disney hotel - not the more luxurious ''Disney Grand Californian'' nor the more economical ''Disney's Paradise Pier''). In particular, I'm interested in the 3-bedroom suite which we are considering sharing with another family and their two kids. How separate are the bedrooms from the living area? How separate are they from each other? Will we still be friends when the vacation is over? I've stayed in so-called suites where the bedrooms don't even have doors, so I want the real scoop here. Seeking specific info

I do not know the answer abou the hotel suites, but try posting to this site http://www.disboards.com. I have found them extremely helpful in planning my Disney Vacations. There is a Disneyland forum listed on the left, someone there is bound to have the answer. cc

In addition to the answers you receive here in response to your post, I strongly suggest you call the hotel directly with your questions. Many hotels with suites and adjoining rooms have multiple layouts, so the suite one person stayed in at that hotel may not be the same as the one you end up with. When you talk with the hotel, you probably can't reserve a specific suite, but you may be able to request one that may improve your chances of getting optimum accomodations for your group.

Also, ask them when the hotel was last renovated. I heard from someone about a year ago who stayed at the Disneyland Hotel -- they said it was old and funky, and in need of renovations. Perhpas they've done that, but you may want to check to be sure. We stayed at the Grand Californian about 1.5 years ago, and it was very nice. Have a great trip! Kim

We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel last Thanksgiving in one of the suites with the living room in the middle and it was great. The rooms were on either side of the large living room area and each of the 3 rooms had its own bathroom. One bedroom was entered through the living room; the other had it's own door. It is a 10-minute walk (for adults) to Disneyland from the Hotel, but the monorail is very close. The pool at the hotel is really fun with 2 waterslides (one small one for little kids). We splurged and stayed on the ''consierge'' level, which allowed us to go to a special room that had buffet breakfast and snacks, and drinks, all day, unlimited rental of Dinsey DVDs, and a great view of the fireworks if they're happening. It was worth the extra to have decent snacks available at any time. natalie

I went with the kids I nanny-ed for about three years ago and the twin 3 y/o and 5 y/o boys and I had a blast. We ended up spending time at the pool at Disneyland California Hotel than at the park, we just sort of scooted in behind people who were staying there, because the pool was so super fun, maybe more fun than the park for such little guys. The staff was great, totally at our beck and call and we went out to eat a lot which the boys liked because they could shmooze with the characters, eat very kid friendly stuff and drink from those disney sippy cups. We swam, we ran around with other families we met around the hotel, we went on a couple rides, and after 5 days? a week? we returned to the Bay Area happy and totally disneyed out. Have fun, and check out the Disneyland California Adventure Hotel's pool, it has a rockin water slide. Berkeley Nanny

On our recent trip to themepark world we stayed in a house we found through www.vrbo.com instead of a hotel. I know there are some advantages to staying in the hotels- early entrance and transport to the parks but I actually preferred to be a little removed from the whole thing for at least part of the day. We had a private pool so the kids could go in anytime day or night, an xbox and dvds, a ping pong table etc. The house was great it was less than most of the hotels- we had a full kitchen to cook the 10 meals a day required by a household ranging in age from 1 1/2 to teen to 50+. We were a 15 minute drive from the parks so we were close enough to go home for naps and snacks and return later in the day rested and ready to go. Just another thought to throw in the mix. Juliette

Clean, comfortable inexpensive hotel/motel?

Sept 2002

Looking for a clean, comfortable inexpensive hotel/motel within a few blocks of DisneyLand that would be good for a family with 2 small children. An indoor pool is a plus. There are many places to choose from so any advice (and warnings) would be appreciated. I have checked the info in the archives and am hoping for more current info. Nicole

Stay at the Disneyland Hotel. It's a rip, but they designed it so it is a long haul if you stay elsewhere unless you have a car. The monorail service is right to the hotel, so you can come and go as often as you like. We found this to be perfect with our small kids. Yeah it's a little bit more money, but it's much easier. If you look around, especially this time of year, you can find package deals that are the same price as the local motels. When we when we went, they gave us non-public hours to the park.

Caution! .... Watch out for the flashers. My wife and I were horrified when we saw a woman showing all on the Monorail while here friend was taking pictures. We later learned this is a big deal, and ride with a high-speed cameras, like Splash Mountain, are targets. Parents from my daughter's pre-school class related a similar story. The computer guy at work said to do a Google search for Splash Mountain changing the Sp to an F. DRS

We have used getawaytoday.com to purchase disneyland packages in the past. The closest place we stayed was the park place inn, which was small, and a bit cheesy, but it was right across the street from the main gate. The nicest place which was about a block away, was the portofino. They have suites designed for families, it's very clean, and the people there are very friendly, and it's about a 10 minute walk from the main gate. I believe you can check out the rooms on line. good luck, and have fun!! jentomsoda

We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel for an overnight this summer and had a great time. It was really nice to be so close to the park so we could easily go back to our room when we felt like it, but the best part was that when we got really hot and didn't want to wait in lines anymore we went swimming at the very fun pool. This pool was stocked with life jackets for little kids and had two waterslides, one for the wee ones and one for big kids and adults. After we cooled off in the pool, we were able to go back to the park and tolerate the crowds again. The room rates were not too bad if you are a AAA member. We went with my parents and got the AARP rate which was incredibly reasonable (under $130 per night). I don't think they allow early entry anymore if you stay at their hotels but they do have breakfasts with the characters which was fun for the kids in our family. If you go, be sure to check out the the AAA deals on tickets. Hannah

Recommendations from 2001 and earlier


Any reccomendations on where to stay (hotel, motel, residence type, etc) in Anaheim for a Disneyland trip? We have an 18 month old and would like to stay somewhere that is a little more affordable than $200 a night (like Disneyland's Californian Hotel). Or, in anyone thinks the California is worth the money, I'd like to know as well. Thanks in advance.

We went to Disney a few month back. We stayed at the fairfield inn. The hotel was just across the street from the park, when we walked we beat the shuttle. The rooms were clean and fairly new. I would ask for a room facing the park or pool, because the back side faces a noisy freeway. I think we paid about $60.00 per night. JSObiedo

For hotels within walking distance, try the following site http//homepages.go.com/~seanyodarouse/

A couple of good web sites with *lots* of useful info




When I went to Disneyland for my honeymoon 5 years ago we stayed at the Saga Inn (which is now the Ramada Maingate Saga Inn). Their rates were really good and they are literally across the street from Disneyland. They do provide a free shuttle to the park and I believe they can get you a hotel/Disneyland pass deal. Try checking out the Disneyland website too - they have a reservation area where you can pick your hotel and park tickets. Have fun! Heather

We had a lovely stay at the Peacock Inn a couple of years ago. It's too far to walk, but they use the shuttle. We found it in the AAA guide book. The Castle Inn is also very convenient (walk or shuttle to Disneyland) and the kids love the Camelot motif.

Shuttle warning Unless your motel has it's own shuttle (i.e. Marriott), shuttles make many stops and can result in a very long ride - about 45 minutes. Regan

We stayed at the Desert Inn and Suites a few years ago (1600 S. Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 1-800-433-5270). I was attending a conference at the Anaheim Convention Center, and my husband and son (then 3) came along to play. It is located right across from the Disneyland entrance (plus was also across from the Convention Center). They have deluxe rooms for $44, but we had the Parlor Suite, for $64 per night. This included complimentary continental breakfast (toast, muffins). In the room was a refrigerator and a microwave, which were great! We quickly figured out how expensive it is to eat at Disneyland, so we could pack lunches (the refrigerator was great for lunch stuff), and then come home before dinner, pick something up at a local take-out (lots within walking distance), and reheat in the room. It was great with the 3-year-old. Just remember to bring a picnic basket with plates and cutlery. And the best part of the parlor room is that it was like a mini-suite there was a little side room off the main bedroom, with a tv and couch. It meant that we all didn't have to go to bed at 8 pm. We purchased the 5-day flex-passes through AAA, which were a good value for us, because we were there for 5 days (they are the price of 2 days of regular admission). We liked being able to come and go when we wanted - especially back to the room for an afternoon nap, if we were staying late for the fireworks at the Park. It was also great with the conference, because I could go to my sessions in the morning, and then meet my family at the park. We were there in late Oct, and the weather was good. An added bonus - no lines or crowds. The longest lines were for the Dumbo ride (10 min. max). In fact, our son accidentally got onto the space mountain ride, although he was too short, because no one stopped us (we didn't know until we got off that he was too short). Unfortunately, some of the rides, like the Matterhorn, were closed for repairs, because it is usually their quiet season. However, with the big conference, they stayed open later than normal for October. December should be fine. Although there is always the chance of rain, it is less likely than here that time of year. Barbara

For our first trip to the Happiest Place on Earth we stayed at the Marriot (near the convention center, about 2 blocks from Disneyland) this July. We got a package deal through AAA; 3 nights at the hotel and 3 Flexpasses for 2 adults and 2 kids for around $550. The Marriot is considered one of the premium hotels in AAA's pricing package. We wanted to stay at the Disneyland Hotel, but the same package would have cost us $1100. There is a shuttle to and from the park every 30 minutes. We thought we would walk to and from the park rather than wait for the shuttle, but those couple of blocks seemed way too far after a day of Disneyland! Usually when we travel we tend to stay at the budget type hotels, so we felt very pampered staying at a place that brought our luggage to our room. The hotel was nice and fancy in a big hotel sort of way- valet parking, room service, 2 pools with hot tubs and towels, a health club which we never got around to visiting, a couple of restaurants and a bar, a gift shop (of course), a Starbucks for a caffeine fix, a Pizza Hut that stays open until 1 AM in case you get a late night craving, a helpful conceirge, and a video game room for older kids. I think they even have a sitter service for an extra fee, but I am not positive. There is a lot of construction going on around Disneyland and many of the hotels right now, but the Marriot was not affected by any of that at the time we were there. I would recommend calling AAA if you are a member and booking your vacation package through them. You get a discounted package price that is better than the price off the Disney web site. You can check out all of the hotels that offer a package deal (passes and hotel rooms) at the Disney site (www.disney.com); there are several different price levels you can choose from. Have fun and don't spend too much on the souvenirs! Connie