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Which Club Med in Mexico?

March 2016

My wife and are thinking of traveling with our three adult children to one of the two Club Med locations this coming November. The two are: Cancun Yucatan and Ixtapa Pacific. We would appreciate any thoughts, ideas, pros, cons, and any other information on these places from anyone who has been there in the past 2-3 years. In addition, perhaps some of the members have other suggestions for all-inclusive resorts with lots of activities for active people in the country as well. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated-even a travel agent who might specialize in Mexico. Many thanks.

We've enjoyed going to Hyatt Ziva resorts the past two years. They're all-inclusive and each facility has several restaurants, pools and activities for the family. We had a blast in los cabos. I believe they're renovated since the hurricane a few seasons ago. Last year, we went to Puerto Vallarta. I personally preferred Cabo. They were a little closer to activities like snorkeling and the local town nearby, which is very artsy and cultural.

PS. you can earn some free nights if you have a Hyatt card (or get one soon). Further great deal flying on Alaska Air with companion fare, also available with their credit card. We stayed for five nights at both Hyatt Ziva resorts for a great rate, given the hotel and airline program rewards. Good luck. Elaine

Club Med in Ixtapa was a great trip for a three generation group, from 9 year old to 70+. Everything was taken care of, the food was good (BEST guacamole I've ever had), the amenities were terrific. Fun was had by all of us, 6 adults and 4 children. WishIWereinIxtapa

Earlier Advice about Club Med

I am the Daughter of a UCB Parent who works for Club Med I Spent 8 months in the Florida Club. It was great! The Club is One of the best for families with kids. It's a beautiful Village and has great sports for everybody. But, it is on the river. Now, for some that is big drawback, but if you can get past it you'll have a good time. As for being A G.O. I love it. I'm 22 and I'm having the time of my life. Ya we work 15+ hours a day, but when half that time is spent entertaining guests at the bar, none of us really complain. I think for most of us the horrible hours and bad living conditions are justified when we see the expression on peoples faces when we tell them what we do for A living. I myself am A sailing instructor that just returned from St. Lucia, British West Indies. I Recommend any of the Club Med Villages, Just don't go to Mexico in the Summer. And Be Very nice to the G.O's. After all, it is work. Joan (May 2000)

I would absolutely NEVER take a child to Club Med, because it is unsafe. We spent our honeymoon at a Club Med resort in the Bahamas. This is not the resort you are asking about, but they rotate personnel among the various resorts, and the overall management style is the same. Let me give you a taste of what we experienced: 1) We rescued a drowning boy from the beach (he was also staying at Club Med), and then had to persuade the Club Med folks to come and help. We watched while it took over two hours to get an ambulance there: once there, they didn't know how to access the beach. He ended up paralyzed. 2) We were near the front desk when someone came running up with a medical emergency. The woman behind the desk literally asked what she was supposed to do about it! The person suggested calling someone, and she couldn't figure out how to use the phone. 3) We went on a snorkeling trip, and they didn't even stop the boat to let people off. Someone got cut on coral, and they couldn't find a first aid kit on the boat. Someone else tried to signal the workers that he needed help, and they ignored him. Others (guests) had to help him get back to the boat! When we returned to dock, they couldn't figure out how to tie up the boat and almost knocked a guest into the water trying. 4) We wanted to go kayaking, and the Club Med guy on the beach just pointed to the kayaks. No safety gear, no safety instructions. I vowed NEVER to take a child there. Let me make one more point: these are only the safety problems. The Club Med workers were also rude and unhelpful. I would recommend looking into a different all-inclusive resort. Perhaps others have recommendations? Gwen

I went 9 years ago in June when my son was 1.5 years old. There are lots of activities for the kids, and you could go through the whole day and see them for only an hour or two. Because of the circus theme, I think there will be plenty to do for your older child. It was hot, but being near or in the water the whole time makes it more bearable. One added benefit about going to Mexico the Club Med route was that we didn't get sick from Mexican water, ice, etc. (We also stayed on site the whole time, foregoing to outside trips, partially to make sure weFd stay healthy and partially because we didn't need to go anywhere else.) Wendy

We were there this past January with our 5 year old daughter and all of us loved it! The weather was great, the facility so tastefully done (muted colors, blending in w/surroundings) and the staff's helpfulness and friendliness was the best of all. I would highly recommend it for any family wanting a true vacation. Everyone has a blast. The young man in charge of the children's program is magical with kids. The older kids get to do lots of circus arts type things (like fly on the trapeeze!) with real circus folks. There are shows (and performances in which the kids participate) almost every night. The food is plentiful and quite good. Lots of activities but low pressure. The water is safe to drink (yeah, no turista!) I could rave on and on...I'm not sure but July might be extremely hot. You could check with Clubmed or a travel agent to find out for sure. Good luck! Naomi


Dec 1999

Two years ago I took my teen-age daughter to Club Med in Huatulco. It's a great place to go if you want your kids entertained all day long. This leaves the parents to do whatever they want. The food is incredibly good. I never got tired of it. The rooms are spartan. It's not the kind of place where you would want to retreat to your room to get away from everyone. The rooms are more like dorm rooms, because there is no sitting area. Ours had a really great balcony with a view of the ocean. Although I'm glad we went, the Club Med scene is not for me. It's kind of like having cruise ship activity directors running around constantly. I don't really enjoy rah-rah sorts of environments, which Club Med absolutely is. However, it looked to me like the kids were having a really great time. And, it also looked like many adults were truly enjoying themselves. Maybe I'm just slightly anti-social.



Dec 1999

I was in club med in Israel when my kids were four years old and two years old. It was very successful. About the food, it the most great food that we had since we were in France. There was a great variety of food, and even our picky daughter was satisfied. Not all the club-med has a children's club, but most of them does, so you should check this specific one. The children go to the kids club right after breakfast, they eat their lunch and dinner there, go to a lot of activities, return after dinner to the parents to take a bath, go back to the club for a bed time story, and come back on nine PM. If they are still not tired, there are musicals for all the family in the evening. When we were there it was Aladdin. The only thing we were sad about was that the kids club was only from three years old and up. If you have younger children, they can join the activities only accompanied by a parent.

Sandpiper, Florida

Nov 2004

Re: kids/toddler program in between Club Med and a plain hotel
I know you said ''in between a Club Med'' your post but we had such a wonderful experience at Club Med Sandpiper in Florida that I had to mention it. Not only was it affordable but it had something for all of us (me, husband and almost 3 year old). There is a huge Kids Club facility fully staffed and activites are age appropriate. The kids can spend as much or as little time there as you like. Ours wanted to go to it more than we wanted her to! We definitely got couple time and family time in. The food was amazing, the activities great and accomodations perfect for a family. I cannot say enough positive things about it. Only caveat is that is may have been affected by the recent hurricanes but I am sure they would probably get up and running quickly. It is an ideal vacation for a family with kids of any age. Have fun! Nicole