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April 2006
Re: Beachfront Vacation Rental on Central Coast Wanted
You might want to consider Cayucos, which is just a few miles north of Morro Bay. It is a very quiet little town, not much to do there, but the beach is gorgeous. The waterfront at Morro Bay is 5 minutes away & fun to visit. Also Pismo Beach is about a 40 minute drive away. Hearst Castle is also about 40 minutes away. Check out Cayucos lover

May 2005
Re: 10th Anniversary romantic getaway
I would highly recommend the Sunset Inn Bed and Breakfast in Cayucos, down on the central California coast. The rooms are beautiful and the staff is great. They will even book an in- room massage. My husband and I just spent our first getaway without our son and it was fabulous. There is a lot to do in the area - beachcombing, whale watching, antiquing - as well as some great restaurants the B staff can point you to. I can't lay my hands on the phone number, but they are listed on the web as well as by calling 411. Good luck! Tara

May 2003
Re: Central Coast Beach with a one-year-old
Last July we spent a week in a private home in Cayucos with our 2 kids (a toddler and a 5-year-old). Here's what we thought--

-It's a short drive to the other coastal towns if you want to take advantage of the Children's museum and Farmer's Market in SLO, boat excursions in Morro Bay, shopping and dining at various coastal towns.
-It doesn't get as hot as SLO which can be over 100 degrees during the summer months.
-It feels like an old-fashioned California Beach Town that's still yet to be discovered (but growing rapidly)
-There's a really nice, family friendly restaurant in town that serves fabulous breakfasts (wish I could remember the name)
-The vacation home rental options range from very basic (and cheap) to luxurious.

Biggest disappointment:
-After 3 days of sunshine, the fog rolled in and it was in the mid to high 60's the rest of the week which was too chilly for my toddler to enjoy playing at the beach.

For vacation home rental options check out: --Sharon