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Rustic barn for 50th birthday party

June 2011

Does anyone know of any large rustic barns for rent near Berkeley? We would love to rent a large open barn for a party in the countryside. anon

it's not out in the countryside, but in downtown oakland,the pardee mansion has an old coach house that fits the bill.

my girlfriend rented it for her 50th birthday party and it was very cute all decorated with twinkly lights, luminarias along the walkways, buffet table etc. the grounds are lovely and the mansion serves as a beautiful backdrop. the party was a hoot! but yes, it is right smack dab in downtown next to the highway. rent was very reasonable as i remember. darn it, let's barn it!

Garin Park in Hayward has a lovely barn where I have square danced at different park events. You could rent it maybe. It is a wonderful setting. anon

Do you know of a barn for a wedding?

Feb 2008

We are looking for a rustic, yet beautiful barn or other structure in which to hold a wedding and/or reception. Does anyone have any recommendations? The gathering would include 80-90 people. Thanks! Alyssa

Look at Nestldown, near Los Gatos. Beautiful, outdoor (expensive!) location with a barn. Sister of the Bride

Try Diablo Ranch on Mt. Diablo. had a family birthtday party there and it was super fun. the stables are outfitted with pool tables and other stuff and the woman who owns/runs it is really terrific. it's a bit of a drive up a winding road, though, so that was a drawback for older relatives but if you plan ahead, you could take care of your guests somehow. anon

Sea Ranch Lodge - A friend had a wedding reception in the barn next to the ocean. anon

Beltane Ranch in Glen Ellen is BEAUTIFUL, and has a barn. However, most people get married outside on the lawn beside the main house (lovely oak trees). I think the barn is available for wedding-related parties, bar-b-ques, etc. so I don't see why you couldn't be married there too. Check their website and ask them. It's expensive, but such a wonderful place. Happily Married at Beltane Ranch!

Barn for barn dance wedding

June 2004

I am looking for a barn or barn-like structure to hold a party (small wedding actually). We plan to cater it, and have music/dancing, so the barn would have to be animal free and empty. Any suggestions would be helpful, I am not having much luck with this. Thanks! Kirsten

You might want to check out ''The Barn'' in Livermore. maybe a little far? but I grew up in Livermore and recall many a country and/or polka dance night there with my folks as a fun evening out. It's a city-owned huge sheet metal barn with cement floor and great huge wooden beams near the (old) main Library.. I think it's on Pacific Ave - if a quick search doesn't yield anything, call the reference desk at the Livermore Public Library and the reference librarian should be able to point you to the right resource! wanted to be country girl

Try contacting Smith Family Farm in Brentwood. --Liz

Although a little different, there is the Camel Barn in Benecia. Best wishes, Karen