Bali & Lombok

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We are planning a trip to Bali or Lombok in late December with our son who will be 19 months at that time. Does anyone have recommendations for places to stay with a child? Linda

We went to Bali when my daughter was 31/2 months old. It was a spectacular post-partum retreat. The Balinese are fantastic with young children. At most restaurants, the waitress would take the baby while I ate and play with her so I could eat undisturbed. I don't have specific recommendations on where to stay, but in general would recommend local hotels rather than the Marriot type resorts. Have a great time. Monika

There is (was?) an incredible place to stay on Lombok when I was there last (4 yrs ago) called Santai. It's north of Senggigi, about 15 minutes out of town. The rooms were all separate cottages set in the forest, which was left largely intact. They serve communal breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was the nicest place in Bali or Lombok - really special. I hope it is till there. Have a great trip! jill

My sister took my neice to Bali last year for my brother's wedding and comments that it is totally do-able. They stayed at a Balinese resort called Puri Santrian which she said was very nice, and quite affordable. One hassle affiliated with it was hauling the stroller up the flights of stairs to get to the bedrooms. You have to boil water, and if you have a very picky eater they might have problems (rice and fruit are readily available) She also notes that there are no seat belts in any of the taxis and people look at you a bit strangely for worrying about such a thing. Myriam