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Austin Eats?

April 2012

Hello All. I'm heading to Austin, Texas on business in a couple of weeks and thought you'd be just the crowd to ask for advice on good eats. I'd love to find a really good vegetarian or vegan place. Thank you! Carolyn

My 26 year old daughter lives in Austin. I asked for her recommendations.

Austin is VERY vegetarian and vegan friendly! The only place in Austin that you're unlikely to find good veggie options is a BBQ joint. Most popular restaurants in Austin have vegetarian (and often vegan or gluten free) options or a full-blown menu.

I'd recommend the following restaurants for vegetarians:
Bouldin Creek Cafe (one of Radiohead's favorites)
Tacodeli (breakfast tacos in Austin -- a must! Try 'The Heather.')
Eastside Cafe Blue Dahlia Bistro (my favorite)
Mother's Cafe (all vegetarian)
Magnolia Cafe
Hop Doddy burgers (their veggie burger is nice)
Snack Bar (small plates -- veggie & vegan)

Casa de Luz (100% vegan and gluten free -- haven't been there, but gets rave reviews)

All of these restaurants are reasonably priced and give you a great slice of that 'Austin' flavor. Check out the menus online and see what suits your fancy. --Berkeley-to-Austin transplant Via my mom

Girls' Weekend - San Antonio or Austin?

Oct 2009

Am considering going to Austin or San Antonio TX in March to meet up w/ my best friend who lives in CT. We are thinking this could be a perfect mid point. Neither of us have ever been to TX. Thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Which city you think would be more fun for a girls weekend? Thanks in advance.

Hands down, no doubt about, girls weekend in Austin would rule. I've lived both places and still go back to visit so I guess I could be considered a knowlegeable source. San Antonio downtown is the only place where you can walk from place to place and it is mostly tourists or convention people and a little kitschy. Austin is full of clubs and restaraunts where the locals go and has a wide variety of stuff in a centrally located area - and walking trails - and much more progressive. Have a great time!! Texas Girl

Austin is hands down the cooler, hipper and more ''california like'' city. However, for a visit---both cities are great. You have picked the two best Texas cities. San Antonio has a great area around the river with restaurants and boats running along the river. You cannot do wrong with either. If you do choose austin, I have a great pal who lives there and she can hook you up with every fun thing to do in town. Let me know. Gretchen 

Totally depends what you like to do. Austin is an AMAZING music town. If you love live music, especially progressive stuff - Austin is THE PLACE to be. Austin is also very environmental, handicap friendly, hip, and a little democratic oasis in the middle of RED STATE land. San Antonio is a shopping town. There ain't much to do there beyond the ''riverwalk'' - a grouping of restaurants and shops along the river. If you want to shop - that's the place for you. Not much beyond that though. Frequent Texas visitor

July 2004

Our family will be traveling to Austin for a business conference in January, and I need to find a kid-friendly place to stay. I'd love to find an affordable suite or some other kind of arrangement where there's a bedroom and another room with a kitchenette. I would also like to get some info on what would be fun to do during the day. Also, are there any of those services that will send babysitters to your hotel room? Thanks

Check out Homewood Suites. also, check out: for recommedations for Austin, TX Kathleen

The best place to find recommendations for hotels is I have been using the consumer reviews on tripadvisor for a couple years now, and have had VERY good luck finding what I'm looking for. It's far superior to AAA for domestic hotels, and just cannot be beat for overseas travel. You'll find every price range there, from hostels to luxury resorts. anon