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July 2004

Our family will be traveling to Austin for a business conference in January, and I need to find a kid-friendly place to stay. I'd love to find an affordable suite or some other kind of arrangement where there's a bedroom and another room with a kitchenette. I would also like to get some info on what would be fun to do during the day. Also, are there any of those services that will send babysitters to your hotel room? Thanks

Check out Homewood Suites. also, check out: for recommedations for Austin, TX Kathleen
The best place to find recommendations for hotels is I have been using the consumer reviews on tripadvisor for a couple years now, and have had VERY good luck finding what I'm looking for. It's far superior to AAA for domestic hotels, and just cannot be beat for overseas travel. You'll find every price range there, from hostels to luxury resorts. anon