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July 2003

We are spending 2 weeks in Argentina in December. We have the advantage of being squired around by a native Buenos Airian, but she is asking us what we would like to see. The first week will be spent in Buenos Aires, and so we are eager about what to see there? Also, any suggestions as to other area(s) that should be explored during our 2nd week? We are not adverse to taking a plane to explore another area--Iguasu, Bariloche, etc. Also, what is particularly kid-friendly and of interest to children in Argentina? Muchas Gracias Tango Princess

I'm a native Argentinian and just returned from a 6 week trip there with my husband and 13 month-old. I was amazed at how child-friendly Argentina is, people there truely love children, they are welcomed practically everywhere (even upscale restaurants have high chairs) and there are parks and children activities everywhere. It's difficult to know what to recommend without knowing the ages of your children. The Buenos Aires Zoo is certainly a good spot, though of course it can't compare to zoos in America. There are often shows (clowns, puppets, etc.) you'll have to check the papers to see what's available when you are there, but there will be plenty. The parks & cementeries in Buenos Aires should also be of interest to children - and beware, there are video-game and ice-cream stores *everywhere*. If your kids are between 4-10 they may enjoy a visit to the Pams de los Niqos, in Gonet, near La Plata (about 1/2 hr. from BA).

Outside Buenos Aires, the two most impressive sights of all Argentina (and perhaps the world, I still haven't seen any natural wonder that can compare) are the Iguazu falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier. You need 1 1/2 days to see the falls (one in Argentina and 1/2 in Brazil), and only a couple of days to see the glaciers so you could do both. The plane tickets are quite expensive, however (at least $100 each way), so you may have to choose between one and the other. I think the falls may be more fun for kids (make sure to take the boat ride that gets almost underneath them), though if they are old enough they may enjoy trecking on the glacier.

Bariloche is really beautiful, but I think all in all of less interest to kids (I loved it when I went as an adult, didn't when I went as a kid).

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Margarita

Dear Tango Princess, I lived in Argentina from 99-01 with my family and we had a blast. If you want Tango, BA is the place. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure extraordinaire, you have to get way out of town. Iguazu falls are spectacular but it's got to be really hot in December. My advice is to check out the lake region. (White water rafting, mountain treking, beautiful scenery--it's like Tahoe with very few people.) Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes are very beautiful. You'll have to fly, it's about 17 hours by car. If you have one full week, I know you can get to the glacier in the far south also. I never made it down there and it is a big regret. A friend of mine owns a hotel in San Martin and she is a wonderful hostess. Contact me if you want that connection. If you are looking to brush up on your Castellano, I know an Argentine woman here who is giving lessons. Also my next door neighbor is living in BA and is a dancer. She could probably take you to a milonga! Don't forget to bring extra money for leather jackets! Buen viaje! Danielle
My last trip to was with my children ages 7 and 9 last year. Definitely go to Tigre and take a Catamaran to any island out there on the Delta just for lunch or something. for the kids - up to 9 y.o. go to Munchi's (a large zoo in the outskirts of or even to the city zoo where kids can milk a cow and make bread. In many ways Bs.As is like New York - very theatre oriented -kids go to shows and movies a lot. The highlight was our trip to the Iguazu Falls. We loved the place, very kid friendly, loved the service and the people. Here is website for you to check e-mail me if you are interested in more.- Tango Queen