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  • Driving from NY to Maryland w/ 17 mo

    Driving from NY to Maryland w/ 17 mo

    July 2001

    My husband and I are travellng by car or train from New York to Maryland during the first week of July to visit family and for a wedding with our 17 month old son. Does anyone have any recommendations about where to stay or what to see along the way?

    Your son might be a little young if he's not fascinated by trains, but if you make it to Baltimore and want to wander around for an hour or two, stop by the B Railroad Museum, about 5 minutes due west of the Inner Harbor. There are signs and it's on most maps. Very low tech and laidback, like Balto once you're past the glitz, and has a HUGE model train layout upstairs and tons of old locomotives that you can even climb on. Also a regular 5-min or so excursion on an old train if the volunteer engineer showed up that day. For a child-friendly place to eat, try John Stevens in Fells Point. For years they've been serving cheap, delicious steamed shrimp, mussels, clams out of a steamer behind the bar. Lots of big tables. About 10 minutes east of the Inner Harbor. Phyllis
    You didn't say whether you would be in New York City or not, but if you are, there are some great places to take your toddler. Our toddler loved visiting the Children's Museum of Manhattan on West 83d and Broadway, the Central Park Zoo (small, but entertaining and managable!), and the American Museum of Natural History, which has a lot of open running space for kids, as well as lots of animal exhibits. Hope this is helpful! alissa
    The National Aquarium in Baltimore is wonderful. Plenty to attract the eye (and hands) of a 17-month-old. Sharks, stingrays, seals, children's discovery cove with touch pool. Susan