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Trip to New England

March 2002

My family is going to NYC for our summer vacation. We also want to go somewhere in the country and spend a few days. I would like to go to New England, but I don't want to drive a long distance. My friend who's from NY said she thought there were places in northern Connecticut that were New Englandish. Does anyone have any ideas for places we might go? Also, it would be nice to have some recommendations for places we might stay. Toby

As a former resident of Westchester County, I'd recommend a little town on the Hudson - Cold Spring-On-Hudson. Very pretty,charming town accessible by Metro North train from Grand Central Station (about 1 hr ride?). Great antique shopping and a short drive/ride north will take you to Hyde Park, home of Culinary Institute of America and their great restaurants and Roosevelt & Vanderbilt mansions. I think very New-Englandy. Stay at the ''Pig Hill Inn.'' EB

grew up in a great little New England in northwest Connecticut called Kent. It is about 1.5 hours from NYC, and is a great little town with antique shops, a small main street, a kayak-able river (the Housatonic), a great Fireman's Fair, nearby to the Appalachian Trail, covered bridges, etc. A good base for exploring the region or just hanging out. don't be turned off by their cheesy web site: Have fun! Seth

My husband and I taught and lived in Salisbury, CT (NW CT) and highly recommend a visit to that region for an authentic ''New England feel.'' It's beautiful, green and dotted with lakes and sweet villages. So many towns on Rt 7 that passes up Western MA also fit your description: Lenox, Stockbridge, Wiliamstown to name a few. B & Bs abound as do pretty inns along the way. Have fun and take the time to wander down little roads off the beaten track too. Hilary