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    I’m taking a job in Pittsburgh ca in June and am looking for a good elementary school for my son. I’m looking to find the right school for him before I decide where I want to move because I want to live close to his school. He will be going into 1st grade. We are looking for maybe a charter school or alternative public school. I’m also open to a hybrid homeschooling but I will be working full time. His dad lives in Santa Cruz where we will be coming from and we will be co-parenting.  Any suggestions or information will be most appreciated. Thanks.

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    I would maybe broaden your search to a 15-20 min range during commute times of your actual job site, and keep in mind the traffic in East County is terrible during commute times/commute directions. Living in Concord/Walnut Creek/Clayton is probably within that commute shed (because it's counter commute), you will have a wider range of school options, and it's closer to Santa Cruz for staying connected to his dad. Pittsburg (no h) itself may have somewhat cheaper rents but fewer school options, and the traffic puts it more distance from dad. Just my two cents as someone who works in Contra Costa County.