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Photographer for teen's online modeling portfolio

Aug 2015

My 15 year old has signed with an agency as a fitness model (no fashion modeling and no runway). She needs to upload 5 professional photos to her online profile with the agency. I don't know any professional photographers, or even where to begin looking. I don't want to pay for a whole portfolio, because she only needs 5 photos to upload. Berkeley/El Cerrito/Albany area, if possible. New to the business and wary!

I strongly recommend Blink, Inc. in Corte Madera (check out their web site). I've taken my grandson there twice and received some exceptional, minimalist photos at a very reasonable price. The esthetic is very simple (plain white background) and the business model is too: You pay a nominal price for the shoot, then they send you 30-100 digital images to select from, with a watermark on the digital images. You pay $10 per image for the ones you select, then they send you a link to those images with watermark removed. You are free to print the images yourself or have them sent to a printer; the images are very high-resolution. All the transactions are done on-line. The staff are very friendly and flexible. They are located in the big shopping mall west of Hwy. 101 in Corte Madera (park in the western-most part of the parking lot, i.e. the side away from the freeway). It's small and can be hard to locate since the mall is being renovated and the signage is minimal...but worth the effort to find. If you want props, be sure to bring them. Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions. PS: Prices may be higher for modeling photography; I've only used the standard family photo option. Nancy G

Headshot photographer for tween actress

Feb 2015

Looking for a great headshot photographer for my tween who is serious about pursuing her passion to act. Must be someone who works with kids. Any recommendations would be most appreciated! stage mama

Easy answer! Angela Lang is fantastic. Check out her website to see headshots, especially with pre-teens and teenagers. She does wonderful work and is a delightful person! Debbie

Reenie Raschke is a super photographer for head shots. Give her a call or check her out at: Reenie 510-301-4506 reenie [at] Studio North Above the Montclair Village Oakland, Ca 94611 Shona

Hello, My friend Ian Davis is a fantastic portrait photographer and has worked with teens for years - he runs an after school music production program for the Bay Area Video Coalition in the city. He's mellow and reliable and shouldn't be too expensive. Here's his site: (these are mostly hip hop performers, but I know he shoots more traditional headshots for CEOs etc as well). You can reach him here: Best, Jason