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  • Pergola with solar

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    Our patio is unusable for much of the summer/fall due to extreme sun exposure. We would like to put in a pergola, possibly with solar panels, to be able to use our backyard during those months. Any recommendations for professionals would be appreciated.

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    We just installed a pergola with solar panels from Shade Power ( super satisfied with the results and the power we are getting. 

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    We've been trying to do the same.  We have the pergola which would be perfect for solar panels.  I've contacted the city and county it allowed.  But finding solar company that will do it, is another thing.  I've probably talked to 60-70 solar companies and none of them will even consider it.  Their business model is to slap panels on roofs and nothing else.

    Solar is not difficult at all.  Any contractor who can build a pergola can install solar for you. 

    Hope this helps.