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Bay Area Pediatric Pulmonary?

Sept 2014

Last June our pediatrician told us that she'd get us a referral for an asthma doctor for our son. Today, 3 months later, I got a call from Bay Area Pediatric Pulmonary I'm pretty disgusted that it took them 3 months to make a phone call. I'm afraid that we will not receive good treatment from an office that has no issue with taking this long to contact us. Have any of you taken your children to this office? Do they provide good treatment? Do you have any recommendation of anywhere else to go that might provide better service? Please don't bash us for not following up on this referral. I had no idea that a referral was supposed to be made and my husband had major surgery in June that required in-patient hospitalization. Many things slipped through the cracks. All that we're interested in learning is whether we would should give this office a chance or try somewhere else. Thank you

We see Renee Benson MD at CHO (it will always be CHO to me). It took a long time to get an appointment, but then had monthly appointments, and one the next day, until we got things under control. They send us postcards every year for the yearly check up. Most of the staff was surprised that we lived locally, apparently people travel from all over Northern California to be seen by BAPP, and were quite apologetic the one day things were running late because they were worried we had traveled far.

What's nice about being seen at CHO is they can do all the pulmonary tests right there at each appointment, and it is not a guessing game about what's working and what's not. They don't offer that service at the Walnut Creek office. We haven't been to any of the other offices. We have dealt with about three of the physicians through the various testing and they are all kind, concerned and conscientious. I wouldn't even know where else to go, especially when we have a world class children's hospital right here. It is a teaching hospital, so we had our initial intake history and physical done by a medical student, who was very sweet and eager. And often at appointments a med student or resident will join the treating physician.

We like Dr. Benson a lot, and a number of my daughter's friends are seen by the same group. Now thinking about it, the only asthma kids I know that don't go to BAPP, go to Kaiser. Sorry your child is facing this new challenge. Asthma Mom

If this clinic doesn't work out for you please consider Dr Edward Fong at UCSF Benioff Childrens Hospital OAKLAND. He is outstanding and helped my son after the first visit. We were seeing all sorts of doctors and our primary care pediatrician was not very helpful. Childrens has amazing doctors and are experts in asthma. Anon