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Neurologist specializing in Parkinson's?

Feb 2016

My mother was recently diagnosed with early Parkinson's Disease but would like a second opinion. Does anyone have a recommendation for a neurologist at UCSF or Stanford? She would prefer to go to a research institution where she could be notified about research studies. Thank you. Anon

My mother goes to Dr. Marta San Luciano at UCSF and loves her. Her road to finding her was long, as it often is with Parkinson's but she is definitely pleased with her care at UCSF. Daughter of PD Mom

It's best if you can see a motion disorder specialist (MDS), a subspeciality within neurology. We saw Dr Matthew Arnold, who is an MDS in Berkeley (Sutter, Telegraph). He was kind and may have been fine, but we had several recommendations to see Dr. Chadwick Christine (UCSF), so after a ~3 month wait, we saw him and switched my husband's care to Dr. Christine, who we've been very happy with. He's very involved and knowledgable about the latest PD research, but also has a nice bedside matter and is very responsive over email. Quite the journey for appointments, but luckily we only go every ~3 or more months right now. I've heard good things about several the neurologists at UCSF. -Kelsi (wife of PD patient)