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Someone who can help pack for a cross-country move

April 2010

We need to find someone who can help us pack up our house and move. I would actually like to clone myself! I need someone who can work with me as I pack up, but who can also do a lot of work her/himself. Someone who is smart and intuitive, who can help me purge, sort, organize, pack smartly. My husband will already have moved to start his job and look for a new home, and I'll be here for another month or so with our 18 month old, packing and tying up loose ends here. I'll need a lot of help! - sad to leave Berkeley!

I've used and recommended SFPackAttack many times. Great, helpful, calm, etc. Check out their website: Red (the owner) may strongly recommend a certain number of hours or people but hold your ground if it seems like it's too much. For whatever it's worth they always been right when they've recommended a certain timeframe, etc. to me but I do think it's up to you how much help you want to start out with. They also can get recycled boxes (which are cheaper)delivered and that's been awesome. Good luck with your move. Susan

Mover who packs everything up and then unpacks it

March 2010

I have some friends in London who bought a new house across town. They went off to work and school in the morning, movers came to their house and packed up every little thing, moved their stuff across town, unpacked every little thing and put them all in exactly the right places. When my friends got home from work with take-out dinner in hand, their new house was ready and waiting! I also have friends in the military who have had similar moving experiences. Anyone around here perform a miracle service like that for a move across the country? - not good at moving

Irish Express Movers do pack it all up. I am not sure about unpacking and putting everything away. I would bet that for the right price they would. The company is small and focused and really, really personable. We LOVED our moving experience! Below is a link to their website: very happily moved

Ah, shoot! I recommended Irish Express to you... they are local. Sorry! Maybe the person who posted a few below you about a local move will see the recommendation! very happily moved