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  • Becoming an expat in Switzerland

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    Hi everyone, are there any expats from Switzerland here? There's a chance we will move to Lausanne for the fall, and I'm looking to talk with people who've had high school kids there. Do you do international schools? How did you find housing? Any advice? Thanks BPN!

    Hello - I have a friend who lived in Lausanne with her (then) high school aged son. She would be an excellent resource for you. If you send me your contact information she would be happy to talk to you.


    I follow a blog of an American who moved to Switzerland and has then moved back. She has a lot of information about living there if you go through the archives, and is often open to answering questions.

    We are a family that goes back and forth to the Geneva area each year.  Many of our friends are expats who have high school age kids.  (Our kids were younger when we lived there.)  Unless the kids have been in the Swiss or French school system for years, most expats put their kids in international schools.  There are a few located between Geneva and Lausanne.  I'd be happy to talk with you, and put you in touch with other expats currently living in the area with high school aged kids.

    That's exciting! You may know about this resource already, but it's full of information on all kinds of issues for expats in Switzerland:

    The forum on this site has a thread on housing:

    And you could probably post questions about schools on here too. Good luck!

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Moving to Switzerland with 5 and 2 year olds

Sept 2005

Our family is moving to Switzerland in Nov/Dec. We have two girls, 5 and 2. Does anyone know anything about the public schools in Switzerland, particularly the Neuchatel area? We have both lived in Europe before, but not with kids. If anyone have advice/experience on living in Switzerland - particularly schools, I'd love to hear about it. Also, any info on guides or books to read about the area would be great. Thanks! Jennifer

You should check out a Yahoo e-group for American expatriates who now live throughout Switzerland: Everything is in English, and the members help each other with the many issues that arise with coping with Swiss culture and customs. Good Luck! Al