Moving to Roseville

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Moving to Roseville

July 2008

We have been presented with the opportunity to move to Roseville, CA, north of Sacramento. Looking for info on neighborhoods, schools, general feel of the area. Thank you.

You don't say your children's ages, but there is an amazing, fantastic preschool in Roseville directed by Bev Bos, a world renowned early childhood educator. Check out the website: If your children are preschool aged, you would be incredibly lucky to have them go to school there! 

Thinking about moving to Roseville

June 2003

We are thinking of moving up to Roseville from the Bay Area as my husbands ex has moved his son up there. We don't have to move but I was wondering if there is anyone who can say the good and bad things about it, as I know nothing about the area, besides a nicer, bigger house, and it's very hot, too hot?? I have a 5 month old baby and was wondering if there was anything I could join up there to meet mums like me. Paula

We will be relocating from Berkeley since have a house in Roseville that will be completed in August. After quite a bit of searching for affordable housing in a ''good'' area we decided to settle there. At this time of year it is hot, over a 100 some days and in the winter the temps are cooler than the bay area. What DH and I especially liked was that there was a ''there there''. If you don't mind big box stores, they are all in the area or will be built shortly. Many new homes and young families are there too. NEC, HP and Oracle have campuses in Rocklin/Roseville area and these companies have plans to expand their campuses which means increase in jobs and population.

You may also want to check out the group sacramentomoms at Yahoogroups. It's a list similar to this one but much smaller in membership. I've been able to get recommendations about preschools and things there. They might be able to answer more questions you may have or you're welcome to email me. cjc

I'm from Citrus Heights which is the town right next to Roseville, CA. I am very familiar with Roseville and have seen it grow immensely. I think it's a good move for a growing family, very affordable and very family-oriented. They have an excellent school district as well. I'm not sure of any parents groups but you can contact me off loop and I will contact friends of mine that are living there and are stay-at-home moms. lenamari