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A semester in Oxford with 2 kids

Feb 2006

We'll be in Oxford for a semester or two with our young kids (1 and 3). We'd love advice on life there, including where to live (preferably close to the university), how to find childcare, things to do, places to visit there or further afield. Thanks! Temporary Expat

I visited a friend on a postdoc in Oxford 2 years ago, for a couple of days with a 3 1/2 year old. They lived in Stanton St. John, a village nearby. It was an idyllic setting on a country lane. The village preschool looked terrific and they walked 4 blocks from the house. I don't think you can drive into Oxford, so you drive to a parking lot and take a shuttle bus in. Other than hang out with them, we went to Warwick Castle nearby. Sharon

Hi -- I grew up in Oxford and have gone back to visit frequently with our 2 small kids (4 & 1 last we went). Around Oxford itself there are plenty of parks & playgrounds, you can walk along the Cherwell River or if you're brave & the weather's nice take a punt (boat) which is great. About 1/2 hour from Oxford, near Burford, is the Cotswold Wildlife Park -- basically a zoo, but set eccentrically on these country house grounds. It's a bit pricey, but fantastic with little kids -- in warmer seasons there's a little train, there's a huge playground, & all around there are lions, rhinos, zebras, monkeys, penguins, etc. There is also an old historic farm on that same road to Burford that is fun to go to. I'm happy to give you some more thoughts about neighborhoods, buses, the Covered Market, etc if you want to get in touch -- Have fun! Oxford is a beautiful city as I'm sure you know... Sylvia

I am from Oxford. We lived there until two years ago when my son was three. There is a book called 'Oxford for the under eights' which is very useful. It lists things like daycare, days out, schools, swimming lessons etc. I may be able to find my old copy for you but they were just bringing out a new edition when we moved away. You can probably get one on and they will ship it to you here. You can contact me by email if you have more questions, I would also be happy to meet with you if you think that would be helpful. Tiffany