Moving to Milwaukee

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Aug 2012

I am looking for recommendations about moving to Milwaukee. My husband and I grew up in the suburbs outside Chicago and for many reasons, we don't want to live in the Chicagoland area. We have two kids - 5 and 4 - so we are looking for neighborhoods good for kids (good schools, parks, etc.) We live in El Cerrito now and would like to replicate our walkable, semi-urban life as much as possible. I think we'd love to be in the city with a house and a yard. What can people tell me about this city? What neighborhoods should we look at - any to avoid? Anything you can tell me about Milwaukee (good and bad) would be very appreciated! anonymous

Both my husband and I grew up in Milwaukee (me on the east side, he in fox point.) we've lived in the bay area for the last 10 years. Its a great small city with lots to offer - and lots more these days than we were growing up there. Some good neighborhoods - near oakland ave, downer ave, north ave, brady ave, shorewood (silver spring). those are all good places for walking, nice parks nearby, some good food, etc. if you have more specific questions, please feel free to contact me via email directly. good luck with the move!! Marie