Moving to Riverside

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Moving to Riverside, in my second trimester

Jan 2014

Hi BPN, We're moving from Berkeley to Riverside, CA during the second trimester of pregnancy. Can anyone suggest a good birth center reasonably close to the city of Riverside? Or perhaps a good obstetrician or midwife? I had my first daughter at a birth center attached to a hospital, with a (somewhat natural) midwife delivery and a birthing tub, but the comfort of medical interventions available in the hospital. Does anyone know of something approaching this near Riverside? Or even just a well-respected obstetrics unit in a hospital? Thanks so much for any suggestions, Stephanie

Hi, My good friend in the Riverside/Redlands area has found it worth it to go to a birth center in San Diego. She was really discouraged by the standard of care locally, especially as a first-timer wanting a midwife and a natural birth. So I realize this doesn't exactly point you in the direction of someone in Riverside, but if you are similarly unimpressed when you get there, that could be an option to keep in mind. Good luck with your move! Kate