Moving to Flagstaff

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Moving to Flagstaff or Prescott

Sept 2010

My partner and I are seriously considering moving to Flagstaff, Arizona with our two daughters, ages 4 and 7. We have been struggling with our desire for quiet, small town living and have visited Flagstaff annually for several years now for camping and checking out the scene. Have you ever lived there? Know anyone who lives there with children? I am wondering about the schools, diversity, the politics, etc. Relocating out-of-state would be a huge deal but we just can't get Flagstaff out of our minds...we both work from home and would be able to keep our jobs, no matter where we live, so the economy isn't a factor for us. Any and all advice would be appreciated! desert dreaming

I don't know much about Flagastaff but I did live in Prescott in the 80's for college (there is a great liberal arts college there) and recently we spent a week there. It's a great place.

The town is mixed with very liberal and conservative but the two seem to have been getting on alright for decades. Due to the college and the nature of the area there are alot of sincerely down to earth, open minded folks with and without kids.

It's about an hour and a half south of Flagstaff and probably warmer than in winters.

Best to you in your process. anjahni