Moving to Centennial

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Interracial couple moving to Centennial, Colorado

May 2005

We are considering moving to the Centennial/Englewood/Littleton area of Colorado, south of Denver (job transfer). We are attracted to the area for lower cost of living and better public schools. But as an interracial couple (white/african) with children, we are concerned about how comfortable we would feel living in a largly white area. Are the people somewhat open/tolerant? In addition, we have heard that Colorado is mainly Christian, and we are not religous. We don't mind moving somewhere that is very religous, as long as we can be part of the community without going to church. Does anyone have any experience with this area that might be helpful to us? Any comments or insight you can provide would be appreciated. anon

When I was in college in the late 80's, I had a boyfriend from Englewood. I am black (well, strictly speaking I am biracial, but dark enough that people can see that I am at least partially black) and he is white. One summer we spent a week in Englewood. Our relationship was the talk of the town. People literally accosted his mother in the supermarket to ask about his ''black friend.'' In other words, it was a big deal. Maybe because his family and friends were mostly wealthy republicans? I don't know, but I thought it was very sad. Maybe things have changed in the last 15 years? Colorado has also been the home of some very divisive and hateful anti-gay legislation. On the other hand, it somehow has the reputation of being liberal place. Just thought I would share one person's experience with you on the topic of interracial couples! Didn't feel the love in Englewood

My husband and I are an interracial couple and are both from Colorado. I grew up in Colorado Springs and my husband grew up in Boulder. We both lived in South Denver for several years. We had two of our children there and never experienced any problems - everyone seemed open and tolerant. As to the religious aspect, it is prevalent, but my husband is not a Christian (I am) and we had many friends - Christian and not. I think you and your family will be very happy there (but won't you miss the ocean)?!?! Good luck and feel free to email me if you have any further questions. jkbraitberg