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Moving to Albuquerque with kids

March 2006 (2 questions)

I'll be moving to Albuquerque this next fall with my 3 year old girl and I'm seeking advice about daycares, preschools, and any other kid-friendly advice about the area. Any good tips on classes, babysitting coops, areas to live, etc. is appreciated. I'll be teaching fulltime at the University, so will hope to live close enough to be able to balance home life with work life. Thanks! NM bound

Hi, We are planning to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico in the next three to four months, for my husband's graduate program. We have a seventeen month old daughter, and have never moved or driven very far with her anywhere.

Any suggestions, recommendations, thoughts would be appreciated. If you know of any great areas to live in Albuquerque, doctors, ob/gyn, toddler classes, even a good real estate agent, resturants, etc. Wow, it's a daunting though exciting task... Thanks, Lucie

I grew up in Albuquerque and would LOVE to go back. My information is a bit outdated but we spent my early childhood within walking distance of UNM and it was great. Lots of cool parks, good places to walk to. I've been disappointed watching my hometown turn into a sprawlopolis, but the area near the University should still be relatively walkable. I'd heard that Central Ave. was getting a little crime-ridden though, so you might check with a more recent resident. New Mexican

My husband and I are originally from Albuquerque, NM we both lived in the University area. I grew up on Vassar St and recommend living in this area. Most/all the people are university/grad students, open minded, politically active and friendly. There is a food co-op on Silver St.that is wonderful and has lots of bulletin boards with activities and events around town. Also, Gentle Birth is a birthing center/resource center for families and mothers. They offer classes on parenting and the like. The midwives who work there are amazing and wonderful, knowledgeable women.

The university area is close to the guild theatre (foreign, independent films), cute shopping in the nob hill area (Terra firma, relish, the A store, Hey Johnny!, the paper store, Gallery one, beeps, elsa ross, aqui). There are lots of good restaurants: Anapurna being a favorite of mine, which is organic, vegetarian indian/auryvedic food, green light bistro a new veg. place, flying star is great for treats and coffee after a movie and the adjunct coffee house, Satellite is a nice early morning coffee place. If you like a more laid back, hippie environment, check out ''Harvard Mall'' for coffee houses and stores and a NMPIRG office. All of this is within walking distance to the university. UNM is a beautiful campus with lots of green grass and a duck pond for the kiddies, they also have lots of dance, theatre and music events throughout the year.

This area is also very close to downtown, which is slower and quieter than most, but has some good music venues, hip bars and relatively more expensive shops (Jack Flash, Ruby shoesday, glow(?)) Also, century theatres, NYPD Pizza, Burt's Tiki lounge, Anodyne Bar and Gold Street Cafe, a perfect place for breakfast burritos and the red chili bacon is to die for! Downtown is also home to Keshet Dance, a great place for all kinds of dancers young and old, toddler to adult.

The Nature Center in the valley is great for bike rides and picnics and there are some hands on activities in the acutal building that children will enjoy. In that area is also, Betty's Day Spa for yoga, massages and lounging. Also, check out Los Poblanos organic farm, they have education classes and family friendly events. In the summer, downtown is the farmer's market (not what it should be but still nice) There is a Whole foods and a Trader Joe's in the heights, but if you are living in the university area it is kind of a trek.

Farther afield is Santa Fe and all the wonderful joys a day trip brings: shopping, jewlery, food, museums, outdoors. Also, northern NM is breathtaking and I recommend taking day and overnight trips to see all of the mountain-scapes (Abiuqu, Chama, Taos, Chimayo, etc.)

I used to teach at A Child's Garden day school in First Presbyterian Church on Locust street.They take 9 month-5 year olds. If you have a 2-3 put him or her in Sarah and Nona's classroom--they are both wonderul! If you have a kindergartener but them in Mary's classroom. There is also, Albuquerque preschool co-op, which is great and lots of open- minded, funky parents send their kids there/volunteer. Mountain Mahogany is a charter school in the valley and I've heard it is wonderful. Also, there are montessori schools and the Sante Fe and surrounding areas have lots of great waldorf and waldorf inspired schools, but this might be a stretch. For public schools, Monte Vista Elementary is a good public elementary school, depeding on how long you plan on staying.

A lot of information. If you want you could call and talk to me about other things you might be interested in or have questions about. Good luck! Tanesia H

I live in Albuquerque with my two children, having returned after 8 years in the East Bay. I would be happy to help with recommendations re: preschools, elementary schools, neighborhoods, restaurants, stuff to do with kids, etc. I am a PreKindergarten teacher at a wonderful private school and a mom of two boys, 8 and 10. Please feel free to contact me directly! Melissa B