Mid-point Meet-ups Between LA & the Bay Area

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Meet-up spots halfway between LA and the Bay Area

Nov 2010

We are looking for a fun place to meet the cousins (4 years old) halfway between LA and Berkeley. We would like to go early in the AM, meet for the day, and drive back in the same day. Not a big production, just a fun place for the kids. Any suggestions? S

Morro Bay is about half way, so is Fresno/Shaver Lake if you're looking for mountains. That being said, if you make it a day trip you will spend at least 8 hours in the car. It's a loooong drive to the half point and back. Done here to LA a million times

We found Hearst Castle to be a fun mid-point to meet for lunch, a tour, and a visit to the elephant seals. Elizabeth 

Vacation Halfway Between LA and Bay Area

Nov 2008

A group of friends would like to vacation together next summer somewhere between LA and the Bay area. There will be 3 or 4 couples, 2 or 3 toddlers and 2 babies. One family lives in LA and the rest of us live in the Bay Area. We're thinking of renting a house or cabin(s) for 2-3 nights. We'd need a 3 or 4 bedroom house or 3 or 4 units. I think we'd like to be on the coast so we can go to the beach, but as long as there is swimming available, we'd be open to inland areas, too. We're interested in playgrounds, parks, hiking, swimming and relaxing (well, as much relaxing as we can do with all those kids around).

On the map, Morro Bay looks like it's about halfway between LA and the Bay Area - any ideas about that place or something nearby? Any suggestions about locations and/or specific units would be appreciated! central coast vacation wanted

Cayucos is just north of Morro Bay on the coast. I've been there several times for family get-togethers, and friends of mine have also used this place as a yearly family reunion location. There are tons of houses for rent that range from 2-4 bedrooms. The whole town is just off the ocean, and is located conveniently between Morro Bay and Cambria--both with cute shopping areas. Also, there are a ton of wineries along 46--the connection between Highway 1 and 101. Also, Hearst Castle and the Sea Lions are a short drive away. Anyway, it's a great location and I highly recommend it. Sarah

Hi- Morro Bay is beautiful, but is a little commute from the freeway. You may want to check out Pismo Beach or Santa Barbara. Both these cities are right off the 101 freeway. They have nearby convenient beaches, hotels, shops, restaurants, and a variety of accomodations.Hope this helps! -From a former Bay Area to Santa Barbara commuter! Denise