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Is vaginoplasty my only resort?

Sept 2007

Apologies in advance if this is too graphic for some, but I am in need of some good advice about what to do about vaginal discomfort during sex. Since the birth of my second child, I have not been the same. Depending on the position, I experience a burning sensation during intercourse. It is generally confined to the pelvic floor. I had a 2nd-3rd degree episiotomy with the birth of my first child and had a terribly painful, but complete recovery. With my second child's delivery, I tore and was stitched, but had an easier recovery (little pain, itching, etc.) The downside has been the pain during intercourse that I described. I thought it would subside after a few months, but 2.5 years later it has not. I am considering a \x93reverse\x94 vaginoplasty (if such a thing even exists) to \x93loosen\x94 things up down there, but fear doing so because it will likely require more cutting of the perineum, the subsequent recovery and still may not work. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I can do \x96 preferably without surgery -- to help alleviate my pain? It\x92s really starting to take a toll on my sex life. Thanks so much. sidelined in the sack

I just had this proceedure done in August after 2 painful postpartum years and very little sex. I started to get really depressed and felt like I would never have enjoyable sex again. After many tears I was sewn up too tightly and the skin didn't heal properly so it was necessary to have the surgery - this may be true for you as well if you are still experiencing pain.

I am so happy that I did it and just wish I had done it sooner. Everything is pretty much back to normal and I am once again excited to have a regular sex life! The proceedure was very quick and easy (20 minutes) and I was able to make dinner the same day as my surgery. (not that I wanted to - but we all have to eat) It did not hurt anywhere near as much as giving birth. Dr. Gentry is my OBGyn - she is awesome. Go for it sister - do not wait any longer a regular sex life is essential to your vitality!! Anon

Vaginoplasty is definitely not your only option. Check out the Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco. They offer physical therapy for exactly what you describe. It works, and may be covered by insurance if your primary doctor prescribes it. Their phone# is 415-440-7600. I've seen Liz Rummer, MSPT there and she is excellent. anon