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Nov 2002

Does anyone have the skin disease called scleroderma? I'd be interested in treatments and any dermatologist recomendations. Thannks!! Anon

Hi, I have had a client in my nutrition practice with scleroderma. As it is an autoimmune disease, we worked on mitigating inflammation through dietary changes, particularly foods that may be provocative. We further checked out any exposures that could be triggers, such as heavy metals. Additionally, stress reduction and exercise played important roles in her feeling better. Nori Hudson
I was diagnosed with sclera derma shortly after giving birth to my first child. It is a serious autoimmune disease that needs to be monitored - you should be seeing a rheumatologist. I recently saw a dermatologist who told me he works with sclera derma patients as prescribed by the rheumatologist. A well known rheumatologist, who happens to specialize in sclera derma, is Dr. Neal Birnbaum at 2100 Webster in SF. So far he has not offered any treatment, and as I understood it there are no medications that rid one of the disease or even can control it's progression, but there are medications that can assist in relieving pain and discomfort. As I had been nursing until recently I have not explored any of the meds. Good luck. anon