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    Can anyone recommend a rheumatologist? Not Drs. Kaye and Ellman, please.

    My particulars: I have had RA for 14 years now and am treating it with acupuncture, herbs, diet, and other natural modalities (which GREAT success, I should add). I would like to find an open-minded rheumatologist who I can see for diagnostics and consultations. Also, should the natural approach stop working at any time, I'd like to learn about medication options. I understand that any Dr. might be skeptical, which is fine, but I want to keep a foot in both worlds and would like to find a Dr. who isn't dismissive or haughty.

    I'm in Lamorinda, but would travel anywhere in the Bay Area for the right doctor.

    Thank you.

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    Dr. Andrew Gross at UCSF is a very highly regarded rheumatologist.  You might check him out.

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    I really like Zuzana Foster. She is in Walnut Creek and San Ramon. She is kind and thoughtful and possibly more open-minded than your previous experience. Good luck. 

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    This is a hard question -  I am a physician with RA and have not found any rheumatologists open to alternative treatments. Most laughed when I asked about biofeedback at the Osher center.  I would not recommend Dr Magnano, Dr Fischer at PAMF, Dr Genovese at Stanford, or Dr Graf at UCSF.  Good luck in your search  -anon

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From: Jannette (5/98)

This is in response to a recommendation for a Pediatric Rheumatologist. A friend of mine, whose daughter has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, visits a pediatric rheumatologist at Stanford Hospital. I do not know his/her name, but you can call me if you reach a dead end. My friend told me that this is the only rheumatologist who is specialized to work with children in the Bay Area (she drives every month from Redding).