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Podiatrist in Oakland for ongoing foot pain

Feb 2009

I am looking for a good podiatrist in the East Bay (preferably close to North Oakland) to address some ongoing foot pain I have and probably get new orthotics. My insurance is Healthnet - Hill Physicians Medical Group. Thanks. Chris

Dr. Michael DiGiacomo on Pill Hill has really helped me with foot problems. 445 30th St., 465-8012. Good luck. Linda
I like Dr. Mark Wolpa. He is in Berkeley, but it isn't far from N. Oakland. I have seen him a few times and have always been happy. In addition to being a good doctor, he is very pleasant to work with. Here is is contact info and website:
Dr. Mark Wolpa 2500 Milvia Street Berkeley, CA 94704 510-849-3800 http://www.berkeleyfootclinic.com/staff.php

Podiatrist for help with bunion and hammer toes

Aug 2008

I am looking for some current recommendations for a podiatrist, preferably in the East Bay. Specifically I am looking for help with a bunion and hammer toes. Do you have any experience with a podiatrist you feel is ultra competent? If so, please share. Thanks! Oh My Achin' Feet!

Both my husband and I go to Ana Sorkin. She's great and located near Summit in Oakland. We had athletes foot and toe fungus and she has a great treatment program that does not involve taking those liver-destroying pills. clean toes mcgilicutty
Great podiatrist: Dr Beatrice Schmugler. For Feet's Sake Podiatry in Berkeley on Milvia. And all her associates are really good too. For our family this practice has handled some complicated orthotics for our son the dancer, ingrown toe nails for both sons, painful bone spur, plantar fasciitis plus I am diabetic and have all those issues. Excellent office. phone: 841-5771. happy feet

Podiatrist for 8-year-old

Aug 2008

My 8 year old is walking on the inside of his heel on one foot and I'd like to get a doctor to look at it to see how to correct it. Anyone had this issue and/or able to recommend a good podiatrist? East of the tunnel would be great. Thanks bma

Dr. Glasser is a terrific podiatrist, who has treated and cured me for 2 foot ailments, cured both my son and daughter's foot problems , especially helped my daughter whose pediatrician was not able to correctly diagnose the problem. Great bedside manners. crystal
I highly recommend Dr. Anna Sorkin (510-444-8733). She is a wonderful podiatrist who treated me for a bunion and eventually did the surgery (though she did not push it at all). She is patient, kind, knowledgable, and professional. Check out the older BPN posts, as this is where I first heard about her. She is so great that I wish she could be my primary doc! Ariel

Podiatrist for runner's cracking toenail

Aug 2008

I have a toe nail that is cracking horizontally and I'd like to go to a Podiatrist to have it looked at. I'd like to find an East Bay Podiatrist and would prefer someone who also treats runners.

I have had good luck with Dr. Mark Wolpa. I went to his Berkeley office, but I just found out he has an office in Lafayette, as well.
Berkeley Office 2500 Milvia Street Berkeley, CA 94704 510-849-3800 Lafayette Office 970 Dewing Ave #100 Lafayette, CA 94549 925-283-9904

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Anna Sorkin in Oakland--she is fabulous! I was so impressed with her that I've referred four family members to her and we all keep going back, even though some relatives have to travel very far to visit her. She custom built orthotics for me that have helped relieve foot pain that I never thought would go away. Even my back feels better since I started seeing her! She is smart, nice and really knows her stuff. 419 30th Street in Oakland Phone: (510) 444-8733 Love my Podiatrist!

Need a Sports Podiatrist for runner

Dec 2007

Can anyone recommend a sports podiatrist especially accustomed to working with long distance runners? It would be great if he/she had an office in North Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito area and took Blue Cross. Carrie

Michael DiGiacomo is a sports podiatrist in Oakland, he has autographed photos of all the sports figures he's worked with all over his waiting room. His number is 465-8012, he's on 30th St. right by Telegraph Ave. ramisima
Dr. Hannaford in Marin is a podiatrist who is a runner, specializes in runners and has worked with some of the best runners in the country. He doesn't take insurance but you can get a receipt and then try to get your insurance to pay. I paid out of pocket and it was totally worth it. used to have running problems

Pediatric Podiatrist Recommendations?

Nov 2007

Our three year old son has very flat arches (so flat that his whole foot turns so the top of the arch is almost touching the floor) and is slightly knock-kneed. Our pediatrician is not particularly worried about it but we'd like to get a second opinion. I've checked the archives but it seems like all of the recommendations are for ''grown-up'' podiatrists. Does anyone know of a podiatrist who also treats children? Anon

Hi -- read your posting regarding your son's feet and wanted to give you my professional 2 cents. I have been a pediatric physical therapist for 17 years, working inpatient at a children's hospital, with CCS, and now privately. I BEG you to return to your pediatrician and firmly state your concerns and the reasons WHY you are concerned. Many (not all) foot problems in children are really issues at the hip rather than the foot itself -- how the hip is seated in the socket can affect what the foot does in response. If your son's hips turn inward, so will his feet, thus causing the foot to pronate and arch to flatten out. Children naturally pronate more than adults and as the hip socket deepens, this corrects as well. Something to consider. I would have your MD or an orthopedist check him out before you spend a lot of money on orthotics (quite expensive). Don't let anyone talk you into something to correct that foot until you are sure where the issue is coming from. GOod luck! trish
I took my 9-year-old son to see Dr. Tanaka in El Cerrito. The office is pretty bare - and seems to be generally geared to adults - but the doctor himself was wonderful! My son was really nervous about going, but Dr. Tanaka was gentle and respectful, talked directly to my son (rather than to me ABOUT him, as so many doctors seem to do), and discussed things in an entirely clear manner so that we were both comfortable. We'll be back to see him again. Kathleen
I just saw a podiatrist, though I'm not sure she sees children. I got the recommendation for her from this website, but the contact info was wrong. I am so glad I tracked her down anyway - she was wonderful! Clear, communicative, efficient, thorough, and warm. Anna Sorkin - 444-8733 She's at 30th and Summit near Summit hospital. Finally pain-free!

Podiatrist in Pacificare HMO

May 2007

Can anyone recommend a professional and experienced podiatrist? I have been seeing Dr. L V Grant DPM, but he's retiring in July 2007, and he's no longer performing any surgical procedures. I am thinking of having my bunions removed. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Anon

I had a bunionectomy done in March with Dr. Darci Park, who is part of the Financial District Foot and Ankle Center in San Francisco. I don't know if she takes Pacificare, but they have a pretty good website at http://www.fdfac.com and their # is 415.956.2884. I was very happy with the results and had no problems, plus Dr. Park makes her cell phone available to you and encourages you to call at any time with questions or problems. adina

Has anyone used Dr. Jay Glasser Podiatrist?

March 2007

Has anyone use Dr. Jay Glasser Podiatrist? I need a bone chip and spur removed from my left foot and big toe. I don't know anyone who's had this surgery or used Dr. Glasser in the past, this makes me comfortable. If you can recommend him or un-recommend him or any other Podiatrist please send me your advice. Thanks J.

Hello. I don't know about your particular foot issue but I would highly recommend Dr. Glasser. My teenage son has had 3 ingrown toenails successfully surgically removed by Dr. Glasser. He is very knowledgable and has a great bedside manner. He explained the procedure to me and my son very clearly and was very gentle. My son is very wary of doctors and really respects and likes Dr. Glasser. recommends Dr. Glasser
I went to him based on older recs on BPN but his office was pretty gloomy, staff wasn't too nice, and he just didn't put me at ease. Nothing terrible, but if I need a podiatrist again I'll find someone else. anon
Hi - I've used Dr. Glasser and others in his practice and always found Dr. Glasser and his staff to be very efficient and knowledgeable. I would recommend. kathy

Seeking a good podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon

Feb 2007

I have a toe problem which may require surgery. I have seen several podiatrists but would like another opinion. The particular problem I have is called ''hallux limitus.'' If any of you out there know of someone really good and/or have had my particular problem, please let me know! alison

Dr. Digiacamo in Oakland is an excellent podiatrist/surgeon. My husband had a delicate tendon surgery and it went unbelievably well. Be prepared to spend a long time in the waiting room though. hop-a-long's wife

Podiatrist for removing a toe nail

Aug 2006

I am looking for recomendations of podiatrists who can remove a toe nail that is succumbing to toe nail fungus. I have Kaiser, but they will not perform this procedure since I am not in any dire pain. Also has anyone had success with having a toe nail removed and regrowing without fungus? Can you recommend the doctor who did this for you? Thank you anonymous

I have not had a toenail removed, but I haved used Dr. Mark Wolpa for other foot- related issues and can recommend him very highly. His office is at 2500 Milvia, his telephone number is 510-849-3800. Also, I'm wondering if your toenail problem might be better addressed by a dermatologist? My husband had some problems with his fingernails, and he went to a dermatologist for them anon

Looking for really good podiatrist

May 2006

I have had ankle and heel pain for almost six months now, and, despite having an MRI, bone scan, cat scan, and regular x-rays, two Kaiser podiatrists, two orthopaedists and a neurologist cannot make a diagnosis. I am back in a removable cast for the third time, need a wheelchair for any distance, and am desperate to know what to do. I do have a shorter leg on that side from a broken pelvis many years ago, and probably overdid it cycling before the pain started. If anyone has any ideas or recommendations for a good podiatrist/orthopaedist, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks, C.

I like Alison Jo Cook on foothill in Hayward. She also sees patients in concord 2-3 days /week. jess
I really like Dr. Elliot Handwerker in Orinda. My primary physcian recommended him and I thought he was really good and solved my problem quickly. Office is ran nicely with no long waits in the lobby. His number is 925.254.5046 jennifer

Will insurance cover orthopedic inserts?

Dec 2004

My arches have now officially fallen after my second pregnancy. I want to know if typically health insurance companies like mine, Blue Cross, will cover the cost of orthopedic inserts for your shoes--or just the office visit to have them made? I already know of a shoe store where you buy non-custom inserts without a podiatrist's evaluation, and it comes out to about $150 per pair....is this the same with what you'd get after seeing an actual foot doctor? Tired Feet

Most insurance plans do not cover custom made orthotics. You can get an appointment with a podiatrist covered but not usually the orthotic. They can run upwards of $300 depending on what you need. There is also a store on San Pablo up near Solano Ave called The Next Step and the owner named Cyrus is very knowledgeable about tailoring an off the shelf insert to meet your needs. Bring your customary shoes and he will watch you walk in them and offer support where you need it. Good shoes and an off the shelf orthotic may run you $150. dawn
When I had the same problem, I found a good insurance covered happy medium by getting a referral to a podiatrist from my primary physician (I have an HMO) who then ordered some orthotic inserts that were available to doctors only, but not totally custom. I believe they cost about $40. Of course the podiatrist was covered by insurance. Ask your primary and or/call a podiatrist about this. After wearing the orthotics for about three months my feet improved and I no longer need them all the time anyway. cheryl

Podiatrist who makes sport or active orthotics

June 2004

I am looking for a good podiatrist in the east bay who makes sport or active orthotics. Long ago I had a pair of ultra thin, super strong orthotics that were perfect for running shoes. The podiatrist that made these orthotics is no longer in the area. I have Kaiser and saw a podiatrist there that had never heard of these orthodics. I seem to remember that they were made of some special carbon material. My original pair was stolen with a pair of shoes years ago and I never replaced them. Any leads would be great! Ruth

We have been looking for a podiatrist (foot doctor) for our three-year-old. She was born with one toe crossing slightly over the other, and we would like to consult with a specialist about what can or should not be done. Our pediatrician seems unconcerned, but we would like to have an expert opinion. Can anyone give us some leads? We live in Berkeley, so the closer the better. Thanks a lot! Beatrice
I recently saw Anna Sorkin, who was recommended on this list, and thought she was excellent. My husband saw her too and liked her as well. I don't know if she treats children (one of the posts asked about a 3 y.o.) but I know she has a child, at least. Fran

Podiatrist for toenail problem

April 2004

Does anyone have a recomendation for a good podiatrist? Or a great one? My problem with just one toenail keeps getting worse. Thanks for your suggestions!

I would like to recommend Dr. Anna Sorkin in Oakland across from Summit Hospital. She's very knowledgeable and personable and her staff is polite and helpful. Her office number is (510) 444-8733. hope this helps

Podiatrist in Alameda

March 2004

I am looking for recommendations for any of these 3 podiatrists in Alameda: Anthony Poggio, Dale Wright and Ted Mihok. Thanks! Jesi

I LOVE Dr. Mihok!!! My husband had to see him and said he liked him, thought he was funny and very good at what he does. WHen I had to go for a minor tratment (one that involved needles, which I am terrified of), I went to se him, and he made me feel so at ease. He is EXCELLENT at what he does, and while some folks who I have referred to him have said that they didn't think he was extremely outgoing and exhuberent, they have all had 100% postive things to say about the work he does. I know some folks who have seen his partner, Dr. Poggio, and have like him a lot too. His office staff is friendly, helpful and cheerful, and you can't go wrong with either of those doctirs, though my favorite is Dr. Mihok. I can't speak highly enough of him! Feelin' no more foot pain

Non-invasive treatment of ankle

Oct. 2003

I had a serious crush injury to my ankle last year. I've had two surgeries and my range of motion is still very bad. The joints are heavily damaged. I've been dealing exclusively with surgeons who don't believe in alternative medicines - don't prescribe them at all. Does anyone know of a foot and ankle specialist or surgeon out there who considers alternatives to surgery? I don't care if this person is in Montana or India. I'll go anywhere. It's an extremely complicated injury and I need to find a doctor who won't give up on me. I'm also looking for a good myofascial release person who does rehab work. Thank you.

Podiatrist Dr. Kam Wong (in Berkeley at 839-5219) is very bright, knowledgeable, and committed to non-invasive methods of cure. Several people I know (incl. my wife) are very pleased with his care. I've gotten to know him personally as well (through adult soccer) and he is truly a prince among men. Kaveh

Expert for orthotics

Sept. 2003

I'm looking for a good podiatrist who's an expert in orthotics -in the Berkeley/Oakland area -HealthNet/Hill physicians HMO Thank you

I know the BEST podiatrist! I don't know how much of an issue this will be for you, but he's in Alameda, right across from the Alameda Hospital, on Clinton. His name is Dr. Ted Mihok, and his partner's name is Dr. Poggio. I've only used Dr. Mihok, and I absolutely LOVE him. His office staff is wonderful as well. He accepts Healthnet (that's what we have too). Unfortunately I can't find his number right this minute, but he's listed. Good Luck! Jessica
I have a great podiatrist to recommend, and she is a part of Hill Physicians. Dr. Anna Sorkin can be seen at the offices of Dr. Stephen Sommer on Piedmont Avenue. She is only there on Fridays. I work on my feet,really long hours, and have had a lot of trouble with bruised heels, plantar fasciatis etc. I was really frustrated with the substandard care I got at Kaiser, and experienced something totally different with Dr. Sorkin. She listens, she has a variety of solutions from least to most complex, and she is willing to try all of them to get you relief. You can reach Dr. Sommer's Office at 654-2494.

More Recommendations for Podiatrists

January 2002

I am looking to change podiatrists. I looked at the web site and there was only one recommendation. My insurance is PacifiCare through ABMG. Any suggestions? Robbie

My insurance is also through ABMG, and the only podiatrist on the list when I went was Dr. Wolpa in Berkeley. I did not have a particularly good experience with him. If you need orthotics (which is mostly what podiatrists seem to do), and if your orthotics are not covered in your insurance (which is likely), it's more worthwhile, in my opinion to try Dr. Hannaford. He is smart, personable, practical, and he has offices in SF & San Rafael. He has a little bit of a bias toward runners, which I find refreshing, but I think he needs to be reminded that not everybody is a runner. My consultation with him, which included a quick in-office video analysis of my running gait, and a look at my shoes and existing orthotics, and discussion of where my feet hurt and how cost around $75. My husband went to him, and got his orthotics through him. I think the whole thing was somewhere between $300-400, which included the office visit and everything you need (e.g., readjustments) for a year. Nice office staff too. SF office, 415-387-7577, way out on Calif. St. San Rafael office, 415-499-8000, not as inconvenient as it seems.
I've seen Dr. Jay Glasser on San Pablo ave between Marin and Gilman sts. in Berkeley, for Plantar Fasciaitis. Both times (years apart) he was very straightforward and helped me by getting me custom orthotics. Don't know what kind of insurance his office takes, but I recommend him highly (his number is in the phone book. I don't have it).

Note from Myriam: 1178 San Pablo Avenue Albany, CA 94706 510-526-1335

I would recommend Dr Valmessay from St Francis Hops in SF at the Sports Medicine Clinic, 415-353-6400. He is especially good if you are athletic as he works with athletes all the time and their goal is to get you back to doing what you want to be doing. I have been using him for years and find him to be very nice, easy to get in to see and a great Dr with wonderful recommendations from the medical community. He is however in SF, good luck. kogorzalek

I need a recommendation of a good podiatrist--Kaiser (my insurance) or non-Kaiser, preferably East Bay, but Marin near the Richmond bridge would also be OK. I have developed severe pain in one foot when walking over the past few months. I visited La Foot on College Ave, and they think it is due to my walking too many years on very flat feet without sufficient support. Unfortunately, the shoes they recommended shift the pain to a different spot, but don't eliminate it, and non-custom arch supports help a bit, but not enough. Joan

Podiatrist: Dr. Michael DiGiacomo, 465 8012, really helped me with foot pain. I believe he is/was the podiatrist for the Oakland A's. It's been years since I saw him, and his office may have moved, but it was on Pill Hill. I'm not sure which insurances he accepts. Linda