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  • Ankle surgeon recommendations?

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    Ankle surgeon to recommend? Preferably in the Berkeley/Albany/Oakland area though willing to travel further for someone excellent. I was just told that I will need surgery on my ankle to address two torn ligaments as well as a few other things (“cleaning up” damaged cartilage, removal of a small bone fragment) and I’d like a second opinion. I’d also love to connect with anyone who may have had similar kinds of ankle surgery themselves about their experience and recovery. I have two young kids and it’s my right ankle - the prospect of being non weight bearing and not driving for 8+ weeks is daunting! 

    RE: Ankle surgeon recommendations? ()

    Catherine Cheung is phenomenal.  I met with foot and ankle surgeons for over a year across SF and the East Bay and endured a ton of pain and limitation as I just couldn't find anyone great - I knew Dr. Cheung was the one at our first consult.  The surgery was flawless, and then...I fell during my recovery doing an activity I should not have been 10 days post surgery (stairs, alone).  The Physical Therapist I worked with said she had never seen anyone have such a good outcome despite a fall that delayed PT and caused more swelling/scar tissue.  Friends who saw other people for the same foot surgery I had don't have anywhere near the outcomes I have - I have biked thousands of miles, climbed Mt. Whitney as a day hike (tallest peak in the lower 48 - 23 miles RT in 14 hours), and done 2 weeks of backpacking in Patagonia.  None of it would be possible without the expert technique and skill Dr. Cheung exhibited, and her tight collaboration with my chosen physical therapist (I used SOL PT in Rockridge).  She was absolutely worth the drive to SF or Marin (I saw her both places) in my opinion, and if you can swing it, Marin isn't bad if you can go mid-day to avoid Richmond bridge traffic).  Good luck!   https://www.goldengatesportsmedicine.com/meet-our-team  or Phone: 415-757-0509.

    RE: Ankle surgeon recommendations? ()

    My husband had major foot surgery including tendon transfers with Dr. Ford at Kaiser Oakland. Dr. Ford was fantastic and also have him the information fully, including the potential for it to not work as planned (it did work). We appreciated his direct anf honest approach to communication and the surgery was successful too. Good luck, it will be hard but you'll get through it!

    RE: Ankle surgeon recommendations? ()

    I was delighted to see your post at the top of the queue, because I am a couple of steps (ha ha) behind you. I have tendonitis or a tear and will undergo MRI to determine diagnosis and treatment. The orthopod I saw is in the John Muir system; some of their surgeons are ankle specialists; I would definitely go with a doc who has that specific expertise. I sympathize with your postsurgical concerns and have a recommendation for you. My husband broke an ankle a few years back and did not like crutches. (For example, he did not like having to ask me to carry his cup of coffee from the kitchen to the office!) He got an iWalk device that worked perfectly for him. It leaves hands free, so you should be able to handle more tasks with your youngins and all. Hope that helps; maybe the moderator can put us in touch.

  • Hand Surgeon needed asap

    (10 replies)

    My index finger was caught in a heavy door and the tip was completely removed.  The ER docs sewed it back on, but don't know if it will take.  The bone underneath is broken and I need a surgeon to evaluate and figure out next steps.  Time is critical - I need to see someone in the next couple of days. 


    RE: Hand Surgeon needed asap ()

    Kendrick Lee is a well respected hand surgeon.  I have used him as did my Mom and I know many others too.


    Best of luck!

    RE: Hand Surgeon needed asap ()

    Dr. Cardon in Berkeley near Alta Bates is the go-to hand surgeon for injuries. As a personal injury attorney I have witnessed excellent results for clients: for my little Aikido injury Aimee Schiarizzi in his office took care of me.

    RE: Hand Surgeon needed asap ()

    I had a consultation with Dr. Lamont Cardon in Berkeley last year about a hand issue and was pleased with his advice and attitude. 

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Pediatric Orthopedist

June 2009

Can anyone recommend a pediatric orthopedist for my 18 month old son? We need someone to take a good look at the position of his feet and help us find some good shoes. Thanks anon

I can highly recommend the medical staff at Oakland Children's Hospital Orthopedic department. I have heard many wonderful things about Dr.s Policy and Hoffinger. However, our daughter could not wait for an appointment with either of them and saw Dr. Friend who we thought was excellent. My daughter is currently completely her treatment with the Sports Medicine Center for Young Athletes at Children's Oakland and we are quite pleased. My only warning is for the billing department. Get ready for lots of work to actually get the visits paid for. Lisa

Orthopedic sports surgeon for torn meniscus and ACL

Jan 2009

I had an MRI and was told that I have a torn meniscus and an either partially or fully torn ACL. The doctor sent me to see an orthopeadic sports surgeon. As far as I know, there are only two of those at Kaiser Oakland: John Cummins and Jun Yang. Would you recommend either one of them? Or is there any other orthopeadic surgeions in Oakland who specialize in knee surgeries who you would recommend? Anya

One additional sports medicine doctor at Kaiser Oakland is Josh Hatch. Outside of Kaiser, I would highly recommend Dr. David Chang in Oakland who specializes in orthopaedic sports medicine. He is very good about explaining things and talking to patients about all their options. He is conservative by nature but is known as a very skilled surgeon with the latest minimally invasive techniques. His office is very personable which is a bonus. He is located on Pill Hill across from Summit Hospital at 3300 Webster, Suite 907. His office number is (510) 834-2276. anon

Teen age son need arthroscopic surgery on his elbow

May 2008

My teen age son need arthroscopic surgery on his elbow and we are considering using Dr. Joshua Richards. Does anyone have any experience to relate regarding Dr. Richards? Anyone have a great orthopedic surgeon? Thanks. Mom

Hi there, Dr. Jensen is a fantastic orthopedic surgeon. He has worked on both my elbow and my shoulder and has offices in Oakland and Orinda. jamie

Broken bone in my foot not healing

Sept 2004

I have a broken bone in my foot that is not healing correctly and have been referred to Dr. Landrus Pfeffinger. Does anyone have any experience with him? anon

Berkeley Orthopaedic Medical Group, Inc. is excellent. They have two offices, one in Berkeley 510-845-3856 (across from Alta Bates) and another in Orinda 925-254-4060. I have personal experience with Dr. Robert Eppley. He specializes in knees and shoulders. There are 11 doctors in the practice. Karen

Orthopedic Surgeon - shoulder expertise

Sept 2004

Can anyone recommend a good orthopedic surgeon with specific expertise in shoulders? My husband's current orthopedic surgeon has advised surgery for a nagging shoulder problem and he would like a second opinion from someone trustworthy. Thanks, Molly

Dr. Robert Eppley is a great shoulder surgeon in Berkeley/Oakland Dr. Steven Isono is great too,he is located in Emeryville dawn

Reconstructive ankle surgery after an accident

Sept 2003

My partner needs reconstructive ankle surgery after an accident. The emergency doctor at Alta Bates who saw her referred us to Berkeley Orthapedic for the surgery. Does anyone have any experience with ankle surgery that can give me any leads as to the best surgeon? Thanks for any help! Heather

I can highly recommend Dr. C.R. Strotz at Berkeley Orthopedic Medical Group, p 510-845-3856.

Granted, my experience with him was for internal fractures and two torn ligaments in my knee, not ankle, after an accident, but I would imagine he does ankles very well too. He has truly deep experience, is very patient, knowledgable, gentle, and willing to explain. He can help you evaluate options, and has the solid and effective reputation that caring for the Cal Bears' injuries for years brings (being female and not a huge sports person, I still felt very comfortable with his experience and manner). He wound up advising AGAINST surgery in my case, recommending various non-invasive techniques instead, and was successful. (How often do you get a specialized surgeon NOT promoting his more expensive services?!?)

I hope he can also help your partner get better soon.

(PS: The BOMG's admin staff, however, occasionally tried my nerve with their attitude and the difficulty in scheduling convenient appointments. Yet I found Dr. Strotz worth that hassle, and he also forwarded my feedback to his group's staff as constructive criticism...) Back on my feet Franziska

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

Sept 2003

My son is currently seeing Dr. Monica Kogan at Childrens' Hospital in Oakland, but for insurance reasons we may be forced to use Dr. Townsend or switch to a doctor at UCSF (we have Hill Physicians). I am wondering if anyone has experiences with Dr. Townsend they would like to share (my son will need surgery and long-term follow-up). Also, does anyone have recommendations for an pediatric orthopedic surgeon at UCSF? Thanks Sarah

i go to ucsf and monica kogan came to one of my classes last year to do our pediatric orthopedics lecture. i bet she can refer you to someone good there since she has a relationship there. michele

Seeking orthopedic surgeons who work on the neck

Oct 2002

Hello, I am seeking information on orthopedic surgeons, specifically those who work on the neck. Does anyone have any experience with Dr. Slucky in Oakland? Please email me with any comments or suggestions. Thanks, Jamie

Recommendations received:

  • Dr. Slucky (2)
  • Donald Townsend

    K. Caldwell

    March 2004

    I have a serious shoulder separation and need surgery to replace the ligament and repair the separation. I have been referred to Dr. Kenneth Caldwell in Oakland (he also has an office in Lafayette). I'm worried about this, obviously, and don't know anything about Dr. Caldwell, who I've heard is a knee guy. Is he the guy to have do this? Will I regret going under the knife? Currently, I don't have a lot of pain, but my range of motion is somewhat limited because my collarbone gets in the way. (For example, I can't do the crawl when I swim). I'm a fairly serious athlete, and I don't want to hurt myself even more. The internet only has horror stories, of course. Thanks for any recommendations about either your experience with the surgery or with Dr. Calwell.

    Dr. Caldwell did my husband's knee surgery about 8 years ago, and he recently saw him again for a ski injury (knee again). I don't know anything about his knowledge of shoulders, but I do know my husband has always been very happy with the care he recieves. Good luck to you

    David S. Chang

    Re: Great doctor
    After a MRI showed that I had a torn shoulder (rotating cuff), I was referred to Dr. David S. Chang, an orthopedic Surgeon at Bay Area Sports Orthopedics. He turned out to be a skilled arthroscopic surgeon. Dr. David Chang used only ONE stitch to repair my torn muscle which likened to an art work (when viewed from the arthroscopic pictures) and I cannot find any scars around my shoulder. I am now pain free with great range of motion and really happy with my recovery from a year long shoulder problem.

    I\x92d like to recommend Dr. Chang for not only his expertise but also his impressive caring manner. Dr. David Chang, although a surgeon, was very conservative in using surgery to solve my problem. He initially sent me to physical therapy for rehabilitation to see whether surgery could be avoided. When my condition did not improve with physical therapy, he explained the alternatives in the most patient and considerate manner. Later I learned from other medical professionals that they held Dr. Chang at great esteem, regarding him as one of the best surgeons, and admiring him to be a most caring doctor. I observed the way he interacts with other patients in his office, and I must say I agree! (His office takes all insurances and is located at 3300 Webster Street, Suite 907, Phone: 510-834-2276.) Wenny

    Scott Dye

    Re: I need knee replacement surgery (Sept 2005)
    Dr. Scott Dye, he is on staff at UCSF. Phone is 415-861-9966. He is one of the top knee specialists in the country. I haven't tried him, (but will need to)but a really good friend has. Our friend can now ski better than he did before the surgery, due to better knee strength.

    Robert Eppley

    April 2005

    hi, has anyone heard of Dr. Eppley in Berkeley? i need a shoulder surgeon and was give his name. thanks

    Dr. Eppley is *very* good - I have confidence in him and would choose him again for surgery. He repaired my torn rotator cuff a couple years ago. His name comes up all the time for sports injuries. In the style of many doctors these days, he has a high level assistant who does most everything except the surgery. I'm not crazy about this - it's efficient for the doctor, rather rushed for the paitent. But that has no effect on my recommendation - you'll be in good hands if Dr. Eppley does the surgery. jessica
    I saw Dr. Eppley a few years ago for long-standing biceps tendonitis. He's the shoulder guy in a practice of people who each specialize in a different body part. At one point he (or somebody) suggested that maybe I ought to see the neck guy instead because it was unclear exactly what my problem was. Essentially what he did for me was order an MRI, read it, and tell me that yes, I did still have tendonitis in my shoulder and arm. I knew this, but it helped to have medical confirmation. I didn't follow it up because at that point there were few options that I hadn't already tried, but I appreciated the diagnosis. He was professional and seemed to know his stuff, but it was a bit disconcerting to be dealing with a group of MDs whose approach was the opposite of a holistic approach. What if it had been my shoulder AND my neck? How would they have decided who I belonged to? A second opinion
    My husband recently had his shoulder opperated on by Dr. Eppley. I asked him for a recommendation. This is what he wrote: Dr. Eppley operated on my shoulder in December. The diagnosis was 'iffy', and the procedure was altered while I was out. However, I glad he did this - the recovery was difficult, but after 3 months, my shoulder is much improved from pre-surgery. His surgical assistant and physical therapist are both excellent. They were very concerned about post surgical pain management, writing Rx's for drugs and therapeutic devices. Shoulders are his specialty, and he does excellent work. Would definitely return for the other one, if ever necessary. Robert
    Re: Orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knees (April 2004)
    I'd give Dr Robert Eppley at Berkeley Orthopedics a strong recommendation for a knee surgury. He's done both my knees, things turned out fine, and I'd use him again if I have to go under the knife again. He specializes in shoulders and knees only. He operates on UC Berkeley athletes. And he's had knee surgury himself, so he is very cognizant about doing the best he can to get you back to 100% (or as close as possible). Bob
    Re: Husband needs surgery on his meniscus (March 2004)
    I highly recommend Robert Eppley at Berkeley Orthopedics. I've had three arthroscopies to fix/remove meniscus in both knees. Dr. Epply did the last two (in different knees). The most recent was two years ago. He went to great efforts to repair the meniscus and leave as much as possible in the knee. He actually had a menisectomy himself many years ago, so he knows how important it is to repair rather than remove. All he works on is knees and shoulders. He also works on injured athletes at UC Berkeley. newparent

    Jerold Goldman

    Re: Seeking knee specialist for 12-year-old (Feb 2003)
    Dr Goldman in Oakland (I believe his first name is Jerold?) is one of the top knee surgeons in the US (the man LOVES knees), if he's still practicing. He performed my medial meniscectomy about 8 years ago and I have had absolutely zero problems since then (even ran off and survived military boot camp about 2 years after the surgery with no problems in that knee) stevew

    Scott Hoffenger

    Anyone have any experience with Dr. Scott Hoffenger (at Children's Oakland)? We have a referral to him (my son has a funny limp several weeks out from a sprained ankle). (4/00)
    Dr. Hoffinger was the surgeon for my daughter's club foot. (We switched to him because the first surgeon would not look her in the eye or acknowledge that she was in the room) He is a teaching doctor, and there are usually a few student docs at his heels. He is professional, has a great way with kids, and is very informative to parents. I did not have the impression that he was radical when it came to having surgery or not. I have readily referred several folks to him, who had similar experiences.
    Tavie (4/00)
    Dr. Hoffinger is kind and caring. (I believe he's the chief of pediatric orthopedics at Children's.) He was the lead orthopedist on my daughter's knee surgery. Because he did not routinely perform this particular operation, he asked a sports orthopedist (Cal football and soccer MD) to operate. He assisted and did thorough follow-up exams and coordinated the physical therapy. His staff is also very caring of children.
    Trish (4/00)
    My experience with Dr. Hoffenger was OK but not great. Six months ago, we took our then 16 mo old son to the Orthopedic Clinic at CHildren's because he had fallen down and would not walk for a week. THe Orthopedic Clinic when we were there was very hectic, Dr. Hoffenger's resident saw us first, (didn't seem like he had much experience)and then Hoffenger came in. Although he seemed to have experience with our situation, he came across as rushed, arrogant and did not give out much information. I have experience looking at X-rays, so I was able to see the hair line fracture and so believed him. After the cast was put on my son's leg, I had to ask him about bathing, outside play - he did not come forward with any information and the cast person did not give me any information either. When we returned 3 weeks later, and the cast was taken off, Hoffenger looked at my son, said he is done and again did not offer any information. If you see him, try to inform yourself about your situation as much as possible and make sure to make him take the time to answer your questions. He seems to be more interested in impressing his residents than taking time with his patients and their parents.
    Ludewig (4/00)
    Dr. Scott Hoffinger is supposedly the orthopedist to be seen at Children's Oakland. He has a great reputation, but it takes a long time to schedule an appointment. My son was seen by him at 11 months for concerns regarding delayed motor development. I wasn't terribly impressed by his evaluation -- but I also didn't think we needed to see an orthopedist in our situation (it was recommended by our pediatrician to rule out concerns he had). We waited about 45 mins in teh waiting room and almost another 45mins to 1 hour in the exam room before the dr. entered the room to examine my son. He was very nice and professional and seemed to know what he was talking about -- but he was in the room for all of 5 minutes after a horrendous wait.But he is supposed to be the man, so it'll probably be beneficial in your situation since your son has a known medical problem to be evaluated. Good luck. (4/00)
    I believe Dr Scott Hoffinger is very competent as an orthopedic surgeon and dealing with bone problems, but not soft tissue injuries. We did not have a good experience with him when my daughter injured her knee playing soccer at age nine. Following his advice, she was off and on crutches for six months. There was no way to talk to him directly when we followed his advice and she got worse and was in terrible pain.

    We finally went to Dr Jim Garrick at the Sports Medecine Center at the St Francis in SF who is an incredible healer. My daughter got better and resumed her soccer almost immediately to our delight.

    Also we oftern waited one to two hours to see Scott Hoffinger for about five minutes at a high cost It was totally worth the drive to SF to see Dr Garrick. who told us to call him if there was any problem and always would call back the same day. He is caring, compasionate and very knowledgable about sports related injuries, using therapy rather than surgery. He does occasionally come to the sports medecine clinic in Walnut Creek. I don;t know anyone like him in the east bay.

    Arlene (4/00)

    We had a very positive experience with Dr. Hoffinger. He really went out of his way to help us in a very difficult time. He seemed interested both in us as patients, and in our case as a doctor, consulted other doctors for us, etc. I highly recommend him.
    Karen (4/00)

    Michael Holmes

    I liked Dr. Michael Holmes, who affiliated with Berkeley Orthopaedics and Childen's Hospital Oakland. He is a micro-and reconstructive surgeon (specialized in hand/wrist). I has a nasty wrist fracture last winter and he performed the surgery (said it was like putting egg shells back together). You don't say how old your nephew is but Dr. Holmes had a wonderful manner and was very good at explaining everything. I think a young person would like him, too. Kathryn

    Steve Isono

    Re: I need knee replacement surgery (Sept 2005)
    Dr. Isono in Oakland is one of the best knee surgeons in the country. He does a lot of professional athletes and isn't surgery-happy from what I understand. Don't know about the medical insurance side of things, however. It's possible that his is an all-cash practice - you would have to inquire. Anon

    Re: Husband needs surgery on his meniscus (March 2004)
    Steve Isono is the best! He works with lots of athletes (just take a look at the signed photos of the pros on his office walls). He is very skilled and very professional, but is also a really nice guy. Been there done that

    Isono is considered the best by medical/surgical colleagues and professional athletes. He is also not inclined to do unnecessary surgery. He is inaccessible for some people since (when I consulted with him a year ago) he is a cash only operation. His fee structure might have changed since then. Very committed athletes I know, in their 40s, 50s, etc. credit Isono with giving them back their formerly active/sporty lifestyle. Isono is located in the Jack London Square area, in a really cool setting. Knee not so bad, after all
    Re: Orthopedic knee doctor under HealthNet (March 2003)
    An excellent orthopod who only does knees is Steven, Isono, M.D., in the Jack London loft area in Oakland. Be forewarned, however, that like a lot of popular sports medicine docs, he does not take insurance--cash, only. I think, however, that he does accept workman's comp. Yet another nice quality of Isono's is that he is reluctant to do surgery unless it is absolutely mandated and is a historically successful pro Knee knowledgeable

    Dr. Kogan

    April 2004

    My son is scheduled to see Dr. Kogan, a pediatric orthopedist at Children's Hospital, after a frustrating 3 weeks with my son's broken wrist not staying in place after being casted three times. I was unable to get an appointment with Dr. Policy or Dr. Hoffinger, the specialists recommended by my pediatrician. Does anyone have experience with Dr. Kogan? Please email me directly as well as posting to the list as I'd like to get responses as soon as possible.

    Dr. Kogan is the doctor who just operated on the little girl whose leg was almost completely severed by the small plane that landed on top her car. It sounds like she saved her leg (which was a miracle) and I think you can't get a better recommendation than that. She recast my son's broken arm and did a fantastic job and had great interpersonal skills, important with a kid going through a very painful scary procedure. dc

    Douglas Lange

    Re: I need knee replacement surgery (Sept 2005)
    I had both knees replaced by Douglas Lange, MD, at John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek in September, 2001. I am so happy that I had it done: I can walk 3+ miles at a good pace and without pain, and I am not incapicitated in any way. I went to Dr. Lange because he is willing to do both knees at once--which means one recovery, not two. Everyone in the hospital said he is the best. My insurance (Blue Shield) allowed me to be moved to the rehabilitation floor after surgery, so I was in the hospital for nine days, but went home in pretty good shape (and had home physical therapy followed by lots more outpatient). Dr. Lange's phone in 925 929 8585, address 2405 Shadelands Dr., Walnut Creek 94598. He is wonderful. Joan

    David Lowenberg

    Re: Seeking knee specialist for 12-year-old (Feb 2003)
    You want to book an appt with David Lowenberg, M.D. in SF. He is considered by a lot of orthopedists, I respect, the best. He also has worked on the Miami Dolphins and the Raiders. He is not hungry to do surgery but is considered one of the top knee people in the country. He is located over by CPMC.

    Jeffrey Mann

    Dec 2002

    Has anyone used Dr. Jeffrey Mann? We are looking for a good foot/ankle doctor to help with a foot injury or condition that is seriously impacting my running partner's ability to train (or walk for that matter). We were referred to Jeffrey Mann. If you have any feedback on him, please let me know. Also, recommendations for a good sports medicine person would be appreciated. Lori

    He's the best. My mom checked him out thoroughly and got an experimental ankle replacement from him. She's thrilled with it and heard over and over again that he was the man. Nice friendly office, too. virginia

    Roger Mann

    Roger Mann is world known for orthopedic work. I was informed by an orthopedic surgeon at Childrens Hospital that he wrote the textbook that is used in the medical schools. Other doctors take a leave from their practices and understudy with him at his office for 3 to 6 months. I first went to him 20 years ago and he is terrific. My sister had foot surgery and flew back and forth from LA to use him. You can't go wrong with Roger Mann. I have never used his son or the other doctors in his office. Joyce (2001)

    Mathias Masem

    My daughter broke and dislocated a finger last year and our pediatrician sent us to Dr. Mathias Masem in Oakland, across from Summitt. He was wonderful--very sensitive to the needs of a child, gently, patient, everything you could ask for. His office staff was great--they even have late aft./evening appts. My understanding is that he specializes in hands--don't know anything about his surgical skills, but for our needs he was terriffic. J. Sanders
    In the list you mentioned Mathias Masem whom we saw about a year ago, although we are members of ABMG. So perhaps he sees both ABMG and non-ABMG members, or perhaps he has changed his affiliation since last year. We saw him when our daughter (11 years old at the time) broke and dislocated her finger at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon. After being seen at the pediatrician's, then going to Alta Imaging for x-rays, we were sent to Dr. Masem. By now it was about 7:00 on Friday evening. When we got to his office it was packed! We were finally seen about 9:00 and found Dr. Masem and all his staff to be extremely warm, caring, and extremely patient. They did a great job dealing with a hurting, frightened, hungry, tired child and her very anxious parents. Her finger, which was broken at the growth plate and dislocated into a very strange angle, is fine. He was very low-tech--used a series of ball point pens as fulcrums to ease her finger back into its proper location! We were very pleased with him and his staff and appreciated the rather unusual office hours they keep. J. Sanders (2001)

    John Mattson

    Mattson from Berkeley Orthopedics did arthroscopic surgery on my knee at least 15 years ago. He was on staff at Cowell Hospital at the time (besides having a private practice and being surgeon to the Cal football team, I was told) and I was a student so I didn't really have a choice of doctors, but he did a good job. So far I haven't had any pain from my knee as I hear you get after awhile because of the missing cartildge, and I play tennis and do a lot of bike riding. Fran (2001)
    I just took my 16 year old to see Dr. Mattson for a knee injury. We were referred there by our pediatrician who said Berkeley Orthopedics has an excellent reputation, that they treat the Cal athletes, and that (most important perhaps) they take Alta Bates Medical Group. Dr. Mattson seemed thorough--preliminary diagnosis followed by MRI to ensure that a possibly worse situation had not occurred. Cynthia (2001)

    Muir Orthopaedic Specialists

    Re: Seeking knee specialist for 12-year-old (Feb 2003)
    There is a great orhopeadic knee specialist named Dr. Ramiro Miranda, who just recently did surgery on my husband. He removed the meniscus and replaced his ACL. Very professional and caring, supposedly the best in our area. He is with the Muir Orthapaidic Specialists group in Walnut Creek. Phone #925-939-8585. Hope this helps, Joan
    Re: Seeking knee specialist for 12-year-old (Feb 2003)
    After two very different experiences I would definitely not recommend Berkeley Orthopedics but would highly recommend Muir Orthopaedic Specialists. Unfortunately they are located in Walnut Creek, but the time you will save not waiting in their highly efficient, new, clean, caring facility you can spend driving there. Dr. Tischenko is especially wonderful, and I also have good experience with dr. Contreras. They are contracted with most providers, their surgical center is state of the arts,they will accomodate special requests (I didn't want a general anesthesia and they worked with me to only have a local for my foot surgery) their cast technician fantastic. Their phone no is 925 939-8585, address 2405 Shadelands Drive, Walnut Creek.Good luck! Ksenija

    Mark Reiley

    Re: Looking for Acupuncturist for Plantar Fasciitis (June 2002)
    I saw your posting for acupuncture for plantar fascitis. While I did not seek acupuncture for my P.F. (which plagued me for months after healing from a fracture in my foot), I luckily found Dr. Mark Reiley from Berkeley Orthopaedic Medical Group (510 845-3856). He has done some published research on P.F. and is considered an expert on it. He ran me through a physical therapy regime that concentrated on strengthening the muscles above my foot/ankle/calf which contribute to the P.F. I have maintained the exercises, and have never had a flare-up since. I highly recommend him, as well as the Alta Bates Physical Therapy group that helped me. maya

    Dr. Slucky

    Re: Seeking orthopedic surgeons who work on the neck (Oct 2002)
    Dr. Slucky is supposed to be the best in Oakland.
    Re: Seeking orthopedic surgeons who work on the neck (Oct 2002)
    Dr. Slucky is an excellent orthopedist--great clinician and bedside manner, and none-too-eager to do unnecessary surgery. A lot of physicians are his patient Lower Back Stuff

    Kevin Stone

    Re: Orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knees (April 2004)
    I recently posted (March) a recommendation for Kevin Stone, MD - - The Stone Clinic is located on Buchanan Street, across from the Marina Safeway. Dr. Stone is a world-renowned knee specialist, and either former/current doctor to the US ski team as well as a host of other household name Olympic and professional athletes, ballet dancers, entertainers and politicians. People literally seek him out from all over the world. He is a leading name in cartilage regeneration and ACL research, too. He does not jump to the conclusion that surgery is the best option, so it's nice to know that he's not always recommending the knife (or arthroscopic needle, as it were). He IS a huge proponent of hard work pre- and post-treatment and I have a feeling that he works best with patients who have a serious athlete's motivation to follow his recommended physical therapy regimens. His office and PT staff are top-notch, but do (for the PTs) have high expectations for the motivated and self- initiating patient around prep and rehab. Dr. Stone doesn't take insurance so may be cost-prohibitive, but since he's one of the best around it seems worth it to at least meet him for a consult and see if your philosophies and goals regarding treatment and outcomes mesh. (415) 563-3110 and www.stoneclinic.com Former Patient
    Re: Husband needs surgery on his meniscus (March 2004)
    Kevin Stone of The Stone Clinic in SF is one of the best. He is (or at least was) a doctor to the US Women's Ski Team and has many professional and Olympic athletes, not to mention big names from the entertainment industry and politics seek him out because of his reputation. He is a world leader in the research area of cartilage regeneration.

    Dr. Stone is especially great with athletic types who are interested (and REALLY motivated) to get back to where they were pre-injury. He doesn't like to do surgery unless necessary. He does expect a lot from his patients in terms of prep and rehab, and probably ''clicks'' more with highly motivated types who don't need to be coddled and will take their rehab seriously with lots of self-initiative. He and his staff of physical therapists can push you really hard in rehab but they've achieved amazing results by focusing on proper conditioning and prompt, intense rehab/hard work.

    He doesn't take insurance, so his services can be cost- prohibitive for some. But he has a world-class reputation and people literally come from all over the world to see him. His office is just across the street from the Marina Safeway in SF on Buchanan -- number is (415) 563-3110. Former Patient

    Re: Husband needs surgery on his meniscus (March 2004)
    I would recommend Dr. Kevin Stone of the Stone Clinic in the Marina in San Francisco. My understanding is that he is the best, or one of the best, around. His walls are filled with pictures of very famous athletes thanking him for his help/work. Very famous household-name athletes.

    He is not in any insurance networks. I will be having surgery with him in the near future. My feeling is that he is very, very expensive. But I do not know this because I have not compared him with other surgeons and maybe this surgery is just very, very expensive. With my insurance I will probably be paying out of pocket. I am choosing to do this because once you have seen someone for your health who you perceive to be the best it is really hard to go somewhere else.

    His number - (415) 563 3110. You can also Google him and get to the website for his clinic. very satisfied thus far

    Re: Orthopedic knee doctor under HealthNet (March 2003)
    One of the best orthopedic surgeons for knees around is Dr. Kevin Stone in the Marina in S.F. (415) 563 3110. He has worked on many Olympic athletes, etc and has an MRI and x-ray right in his clinic. I know you asked about a specific insurance - he does not contract with any insurance companies, so it is always out of network which of course may eliminate him from your consideration. But I wanted to let you, and others, know about him. margo

    Cris Strotz

    Re: Husband needs surgery on his meniscus (March 2004)
    My husand had an arthroscopic meniscus surgery done, about 2.5 years ago, by Dr. Cris Strotz, at Berkeley Orthopedics, who is a knee specialist and was the Cal football or basketball knee guy for years, as well as the women's athletics team doctor. The surgery went great, and that knee is fine, although my husband, who is quite active, gives it gets tough use. Wendy
    June 2004

    Hello, I need knee surgery on my ACL and meniscus. I saw couple of reviews on this site of Dr. Strotz. Does anyone have any experience with him or have other recommedations? Please email me with any comments or suggestions. Thanks.

    I highly recommend Dr. Strotz (who gets the Cal Bears and other famous athletes back in shape)! After I got hit by a car in a ped xwalk a few years ago, both my legs had various sorts of injuries, the worst one being a torn ACL and inner lateral in my right knee. Dr. Strotz recommended a very gentle, cautious approach to diagnosis and healing that minimized necessary invasions and turned out to be the best therapy for my injuries. I was especially impressed that he as a knee surgeon (who could have had much higher revenue from operating on me) actually recommended holding off on surgery that other doctors (I got another opinion from an orthopedist friend) might have pushed for but that in retrospect wouldn't have given me better chances of final range of motion nor quicker healing. Dr. Strotz was always very professional, knowledgeable, patient in explaining options and sharing his insight, yet caring and understanding for my frustration with pain or slow progress. (His office staff at the scheduling desk were a mixed bag, but did improve after I commented on one wait time/staff attitude problem I once observed.) Overall, as I said, I do highly recommend Dr. Strotz! Happily moving my knees again
    I had arthroscopic knee surgery with Dr. Strotz just last month. In a nutshell, I am now secretly in love with him. I was in pain for a year and a half before the surgery, so the simple fact that he ended my pain is enough to make him a mythic figure to me. But he was also extraordinarily patient about explaining to me what he saw in my MRI, how my injury could and could not be repaired, how the surgery would take place, and how the recovery would go. He was warm (though he was not gooey), he was articulate (though he avoided surgeon-talk), and he was, above all *right*, in the sense that his diagnosis and surgical treatment went splendidly, went exactly as he said it would, and resulted in what seems to me like miraculous recovery. I also saw Dr Debenham for one post-surgery visit and thought he was probably fine, but didn't have such an extensive experience with him as with Strotz. Oh -- one more thing: I have some complicating medical conditions, so I had to see a small committee of other specialists for pre-surgical consultations. Every time I mentioned Dr Strotz's name, they offered approval; my hematologist (the other utterly brilliant dr I am secretly in love with) said, Straight to the top! and told me Strotz does the 49ers and is very widely respected. Sigh. I can't tell you what a joy it is to be able to bend my knee again....
    July 2001
    Dr. Strotz did my ACL repair (ski injury, natch) and I was very happy with it. He is that practice's knee guy; that's all he does, and he's totally up-to-date with what everyone's doing with knees these days--not just surgically but with therapy as well. The other thing that really impressed me was how well he orchestrated post-surgical pain control (he did a nerve block the day of surgery, then a home nurse gave me a shot of a long-acting antiinflammatory the next day, then I went to oral meds). BTW, my orthopedist friend told me there's no better knee surgeon in the East Bay than he is. Margery (2001)

    Donald Townsend

    Re: Seeking orthopedic surgeons who work on the neck (Oct 2002)
    Dr. Donald Townsend, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to whom my HMO inexplicably sent me, was extremely helpful and ordered the tests that another doctor wouldn't do. Be persistent in your quest for health. Good luck. nif