Japanese Speaking Doctors

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May 2003

We will be moving to the Albany village this summer. My wife's first language is Japanese and we are looking for a Japanese- speaking pediatrician and OBGYN. Any positive recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if anyone knows of any web pages or groups devoted to Japanese living in the Bay area or connected to the university please let us know. Many thanks. Tim

At Albany Family Practice (Alta Bates medical group), there is a Japanese speaking doctor. Her name is Dr. Mamiko Kawai. She is a family doctor but I heard that some Japanese speaking moms use her as ped. too. I am not sure about ob/gyn. I am sure she can refer you to one. It is located on San Pablo. Good Luck If you need any support I'd be happy to be one. I have 8 months old baby as well!! Sachiko

Try Dr. Mika Hiramatsu for a pediatrician. The only thing is she is in Castro Valley. She is an awesome pediatrician. If she doesn't speak Japanese or doesn't speak it well enough she may be able to recommend someone in Albany. anon

Hi there! Welcome to the bay area. I am sure you will receive some responses if not many since there are many Japanese moms in this area. Unfortunately, I can't give you any recommendations on your main question. But, there is a Japanese web site sort of like Craigslist. It is called Japanese IN America (JINA). http://www.jinaonline.org/home.php?city=SF