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Hematologist for Blood-Clotting Disorder

Jan 2010

I recently learned that I have a gene for a blood-clotting disorder. My OB GYN recommended I see a hematologist but he did not have anyone he could refer me to. Can you please share any recommendations you have? Carrie

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Depending on where you live, I would recommend 2 excellent hematologists both of whom trained at UCSF. For the Berkeley/Oakland area: Dr. Dave Irwin with Alta Bates, (510) 204-1591, and for the Castro Valley/San Leandro/Hayward area, Dr. Ostap Melnyk with the Epic Care group, (925) 244-1240 another doc

Pediatric hematologist?

Feb 2009

Can anyone recommend an excellent hematologist at Children's? Any names and details would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Alison Matsunaga at Children's. My son was born with a hereditary blood disorder, and the first year of his life he required several blood transfusions and hospitalizations. Dr. Matsunaga and the whole staff did a wonderful job of answering my questions and helping me to feel less anxious during a very difficult time. We still see her for checks at least once a year, and she has offered to speak with me about my own struggle with the blood disorder, which was very generous. anon

My son, who has very frequent nosebleeds and has not responded to 4 years of treatment, was just referred to hematologist Dr. Matsunaga at the big medical complex just next to Children's main Hospital building. I asked his primary pediatrician at Berk Peds, and she completely respects her and says she is top of the field. We will be going in 2 weeks, so I can't tell you myself, but I am hoping for some good outcomes! Good luck. Frieda

Hematologist Familiar with MTHFR Issues

May 2006

Would like recommendations for a Hematologist in the East Bay of SF area that is familiar with MTHFR, particularly in its relation to infertility issues. I was recently diagnosed as being homozygous and need to have my homocysteine levels checked, etc. I have heard that some hematologists have no idea how this affects fertility and so are not sympathetic, so I'm looking for someone who has experience in this. Or at the very least, is a hematologist that you like and respect. Thank you! - Homozygously Yours

While I don't have a recommendation for a hematologist I too am homozygous with the MFTHR defect. My obgyn Angelyn Thomas diagnosed me after a couple of miscarriages. She successfully managed my treatment during pregnancy and I now have a very healthy baby boy! She mentioned that she had a few patients with this disorder and seemed very knowledgeable. Maybe you just need a new ob? Feel free to contact me if you want - I was pretty spooked when I started doing more research on this disorder but got some good answers from Dr Thomas and have a happy success story. s.

I would also consider seeing a perinatalogist, as they can directly advise you re treatment for pregnancy. jen

I go to a Hematologist in Berkely whom I really like. My situation is different than yours, but still a metabolic condition which if not detected and treated early enough could cause liver cancer, heart disease and other serious illness. Anyway, his name is Brad Lewis and he is located at 2001 Dwight Way in Berkeley, at the Alta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center. Brad is reknown as one of best hematologist in the Bay area. His phone # is (510) 204-6753 I cannot speak for him if he is knowledgable about MTHFR with respect to infertility, but I do highly receommend you try him out to see. Good luck! sk

I'd go see an RE (reprodictive endocrinologist). They will know how to treat the MTHFR issues as the relate to your reproductive issues. Its pretty common, however, and sometimes it is not the reason for fertility issues - an RE can help you figure that out as well. good luck

Hematologist for chronic anemia

March 2006

My close friend, a 35 year-old-female, has chronic anemia, which is neither inherited nor food-related. Her recent tests came out really bad (4 mg/Dl), and she feels chronically fatigued. She is looking for a good hematologist either in Berkeley or in San Francisco who takes Blue Cross. Thank you very much! victoria

I don't have anemia, but I see Dr. David Irwin at Alta Bates Cancer Center (not only for cancer patients) on Dwight Way. I have some clotting issues and he got me through two pregnancies. He has great bedside manner and I feel that he's one of the best doctors I've ever had. I don't know if he takes Blue Cross (I'm Blue Shield). You can reach him at(510) 204-1591. good luck!

Dr. Brad Lewis is in Berkeley and is wonderful! He takes the time to really make sure you understand what he is saying, he listens to you, and his office has free valet parking! Good luck!