Dermatologist for African American Skin

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Dermatologist for Black Skin

May 2011

I am looking to find a dermatologist anywhere in the Bay Area that has an expertise with treating patients with darker melanin tones, i.e. Africans, African- Americans, South Asians, etc. As a person of African descent my skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation and easy scarring. I continue to have adult acne on both my face and upper back and shoulders. I would like to a visit a dermatologist that can treat and correct my skin with medication, skin peels, and/or laser treatments. Can anyone recommend a dermatologist for me to see for treatment and corrective services? Thank you! No more dark spots

I recommend Ida at The Skin Studio on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. She is very talented, runs a beautiful studio and is a woman of color herself (with stunning skin!). Best!
August 2009

I wanted to add a good resource for those seeking a listing of African American dermatologists the site is its a really good resource. I saw some older posts about dermatologists i just thought i would add this. SH

Dr. Greta Clarke is a magnificent dermatologist and she happens to also be an African-American woman. Linda
March 2002

Does anyone know of an African American Dermatologist? Or is there any African American or Bi-Racial person that has a good Dermatologist they can recommend? Please post or e-mail me. Thanks so much. Marn

Dr. Dunn on Telegraph is an African American dermatologist. I've only seen her once, but I found her to be very knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Her number is 848-8404. Anonymous
I don't know of a dermatologist, but I've heard of a skin care salon that is supposed to be excellent--and specializes in African-American skin problems. It's called Solutions Center (893-SKIN). Perhaps they can give you a referral to a dermatologist. Nancy
Dr. Greta Clarke in Berkeley is African-American. She is terrific--great bedside manner, very thorough, and very reassuring (I have skin cancer issues). I'm not Af-Am, by the way, but I recommend her without hesitation. Her number is (510)843-2384. christine