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Mary Alice Murphy

Editor Note (April 2011): a reader has informed us that, sadly, Dr. Murphy passed away over a year ago.

April 1998

Mary Alice Murphy is the allergist who sees students at the Tang Center once a week, and she has a practice here in Berkeley. She is very smart, and she treats me as though I have a brain, too. I have found her very willing to listen to me and explain things. She also keeps up with the literature and attends allergy conferences. She is caring and a great diagnostician.

I heartily recommend Dr. Mary Alice Murphy on Telegraph and Russell (I think). Dr. Murphy is kind, thorough and very knowledgeable about how to make your home environment as allergy friendly as possible. Her staff was always pleasant. She is a parent and definitely likes kids. My son, now 17, started seeing her at the age of 6 or 7, had complete testing done, had shots for several years (I think five or six) and now is doing very well without shots or medication. Dr. Murphy is a preferred provider on the UC Care plan, and she used to be a part-time doctor at the Tang Center as well. Good luck.