Seeking a Pediatrician for Kids with Asthma

Archived Q&A and Reviews


Jan 2002

Good general physician with experience in asthma issues in the East Bay: I need a good general physician in the East Bay who has some good experience with this--also one who is a good doctor and follows up with patient. thanks!! Jodi

My son is 9 years old and has been battling moderate to severe asthma for the last 5 years. He was under the care of a Pediatrician who is a wonderful doctor but is not specialist in this field. After 4 years of various medications, severe asthma attacks and hospitalizations, we were finally referred to a Pulmonalogist. He has been under the care of a Pulmonalogist at Children's Hospital for the past year and has not had one attack. If your child has been diagnosed with asthma I would highly suggest a referral to a Pulmonalogist. Em

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr James Nickelsen in Berkeley for dealing with asthma patients. My son has benefited greatly from his preventive program. Dr Jim's number is 644-2316. ********Satisfied Mom

Dr. Michael Linn at Bayside Pediatrics is our son's doctor, and he has been wonderful in every possible way. Very helpful with the asthma stuff but also just an all-around terrific doctor. Mark & Colleen

April 2000

We are moving to the area, and need a pediatrician who knows how to be proactive (vs. reactive) about childhood asthma, in case our son's flares again. Ideally, near Montclair. I have lots of horror stories, opinions and recommended readings on this subject if anyone is struggling with it. Mary Ann

I have three children with mild to severe asthma (I have it myself also). My kids have been cared for (primarily) by Drs. Elizabeth Moffitt and Marcia Charles-Mo at East Bay Pediatrics in Berkeley. (see East Bay Pediatrics recommendations for more)

The Pulmo clinic at Children's Hospital is top notch. (see Children's Hospital recommendations for more)

I see an allergist, Dr. Jim Nickelsen, who has been recommended by myself and many others on this list. He's great with both adults and kids. (see James A. Nickelsen recommendations for more.)