Perineoplasty Surgery (Vaginal Wall Repair)

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Reconstructive vaginal surgery to repair episiotomy

Nov 2005

After 20 years of suffering with pain in intercourse, I have decided to have reconstructive vaginal surgery (perineoplasty) to repair a very poorly done episiotomy from a birth in another country. Menopause has made my condition intolerable. My gyn. has a reputation as an excellent surgeon, and he would like to do the surgery, but he acknowledges that he has no direct experience. He consulted with someone who does, but that doctor is out of my Alta Bates Healthnet network. Does anyone know of a good gyn. surgeon in the Alta Bates Healthnet network who does reconstructive surgery? Thanks. anon

This is a long shot, but Dr Girard with Berkeley/Orinda Women's Health has been around for a very long time. I know he's an excellent surgeon - both because he saved the fallopian tube of a friend of mine after an ectopic pregnancy (she went on to a successful pregnancy), and because I was acquainted with an OR tech who worked with Girard at Alta Bates. I don't know if he does the kind of surgery that you need, but I'd bet he could at least point you in the right direction. good luck

I do not know what his insurance affiliation is, but I would strongly suggest that you contact Dr. Eugene Kaplan in Walnut Creek. I had a number of procedures a year+ ago to take care of stress incontinence, muscle damage from childbirth, and a prolapsing uterus, and Dr. Kaplan was incredible. He was thorough, detailed, passionate about his specialty, and a great partner in the process.

He specializes in pelvic floor reconstruction and all its permutations - all the stuff that gets messed up with childbirth, in fact. He also does reconstruction for size differences in partners, etc. I would definitely contact him if you can manage it with your insurance!!!

He is at 925-979-9969 and has a website: where you can do a little advanced reading.

good luck. Nancy

Vaginal tear didn't heal, surgery to repair it

April 2003

I delivered my daughter 7 months ago and tore relatively badly (5 stitches, I think it was a second degree tear). My stitches separated, and my doctor said they wouldn't re-stitch because it would cause more scar tissue. Fast forward 6 months to my regular checkup where I complained of pain during sex. Turns out that my tear didn't heal properly at all, and there is some tissue sticking out that was never meant to see the light of day. My doctor now has to re-cut my perineum and remove that tissue and re-stitch me -- it requires general anesthesia and of course the recovery of my nether-regions all over again. I've never heard of anyone having this problem. Anyone out there been through a similar experience? I'm relieved to know that there is a procedure that can help, and that we'll be able to have sex again someday, but I''m also feeling very emotional about the whole thing. Hard to describe my feelings -- a little sorry for myself, a little like I'm grieving some sort of loss...anyway, wondering if anyone else out there has gone through a similar procedure and can share some experiences, moral support, etc. Thanks! j

I had a same problem after I delivered our first son. Since it was a very small piece of tissue sticking out at the location rather closer to the entrance of vagina, it was removed by a knife or laser (I do not remember which was being used) without any anesthesia. I was in Italy, so I do not know if the prosedure is the same from here. I recovered well, and now no pain during sex (although it is a bit hard to find time to do so after putting two kids to bed,,,.) Good luck! anon. please

I had a similar situation after the birth of my first child - deep tears, internally and externally. They healed, but not in a way to let me have a normal sex life. I was very upset and freaked out when I realized what had happened - it totally stinks to have a hard labor, a serious tear, and then, it doesn't heal properly!

I was told I could either wait until the birth of my next child when they would repair the fistula or I could have surgery now. I was reluctant to undergo surgery because I wasn't sure I could cope with post-partum like misery again (not to mention go without food or water for 12 hours before surgery). But since I wanted something resembling a normal sex life sooner than not- yet-decided-upon-baby-no-2, I did have my regular ob/gyn do a repair. After the surgery, I was a bit uncomfortable for a few days but to my shock, that was about it. The vaginal area actually heals quite fast and it helps not to have had the tissue trauma of pushing a baby out. So while it's completely rotten this happened to you, you can get repaired and you'll likely heal quickly. Best of luck! P.S. If you were eligble for disability after giving birth, this is a childbirth related complication & you're likely to be eligible again. anon

I too had a tear that was stitched after giving birth. I was extremely uncomfortable (painful to wipe area, sex unthinkable), and mentioned it to my doctor at my 6 week followup. She said I had tissue that was supposed to be inside growing on the outside (called a granuloma??) and it would never be comfortable unless she cut it off. It only required a local anesthetic and didn't hurt much, and healed quickly after that. It was such a relief.

Your situation sounds more severe (maybe because it has been so long?), but hopefully you will feel the same relief when it is all over. Good luck. anon