Seeking an ObGyn for Hyperemesis

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Jan. 2003

I'm moving to the East Bay and am looking for a caring OB/GYN in Berkeley or Oakland. I suffered from severe hyperemesis (nausea & vomiting) while pregnant with my daughter, which resulted in hospitalization for dehydration and home i/vs for four months. I'm worried about finding a new doctor as not all OBs are sensitive enough to deal with patients who are as sick as I was while pregnant (the condition is likely to reoccur).

I've read thru the helpful posts on the website but wanted to specifically ask if anyone can recommend an OB who may be especially capable in dealing with hyperemesis patients (one OB in my old practice insisted I needed a psychiatrist because I couldn't eat - in reality I was way too sick to eat but I didn't have an eating disorder and her insensitivity was maddening).

My ideal OB is someone who is kind and caring, someone who isn't afraid to medicate if needed and be aggressive about pursuing treatments, someone who is supportive of a vaginal birth after c- section (VBAC).

Thank you very much! Jenn

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