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  • Hello Ladies!

    Wondering if anyone can recommend a doctor who treats endometriosis and does laparoscopy. I had an amazing OBGYN on the East Coast and now need to find one here in the East Bay. Any leads greatly appreciated!

    I have learned SO much about endometriosis in the past year. I think with all the research I've done, I know more than most OB/GYNs. I cannot recommend highly enough a Facebook group called Nancy's Nook. They provide research-based information on treatments that are effective, ineffective, and dangerous. Once you join, you can also access their list of vetted skilled surgeons. There are a few in the Bay Area; I have Kaiser insurance, so I ended up traveling to Southern California for surgery in network, but there are options nearby with other insurance providers. Definitely check out Nancy's Nook, it is priceless and you won't regret it.

    Thanks so much! Will definitely check out that fb group. 

    I have severe endometriosis and have done a lot of research. I had a 10cm endometeioma cyst removed laparoscopically by Dr. Marylin Milkman at Bay medical group in San Francisco. She came highly recommended and was fantastic. I highly recommend her. I’ve researched a bunch of other people as well and would be more than happy to share what I learned. Please contact me!

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April 2003

I am looking for either for a specialist or an OB/GYN with experience in treating patients with endometriosis. I have found that my own OB does not have the level of knowledge and experience that I need. I am facing some tough decisions, in particular whether to have surgery to confirm the diagnosis and/or to treat my symptoms, and I would like to have someone whom I can trust to lead me through this time. Thank you. Mom in Pain

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  • Debra Levinsky
  • Richard Rudd
  • Hank Streitfeld

    Other advice:

    I highly recommend Dr. David Redwine, who works at the Endometriosis Treatment Program at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon. I had surgery with him 15 years ago after many years of undiagnosed pain from endometriosis and have been symptom-free since then. He has focussed his practice on thoroughly researched, expert treatment of endometriosis for many years. There is a lot of information available on the website for this program at http://www.endometriosistreatment.org/. It may seem extreme to go out of state for surgery, but I felt it was worth getting expert care. Their program is set up to facilitate arrangements for out of state patients.

    Another resource is the Endometriosis Association, a self-help support group with chapters in a number of countries. They have several Bay Area chapters. Their website is http://www.endometriosisassn.org/, and it contains information about contacting the local chapters. I would be happy to discuss my experience in more detail. Please feel free to contact me. Sally