Seeking an ObGyn Experienced with Abortion

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July 2004

My OB/GYN moved away over a year ago and I have not started to see another one yet. However I have just found out that I am pregnant and I have chosen to terminate the pregnancy. I need to find a new OB/GYN who would be comfortable and competent doing an abortion. I would ideally like to start a relationship with this doctor so that if I decide in the future to get pregnant I can keep seeing him/her. Has anybody had a ''great'' experience with a doctor in the east bay who is experienced with abortions? Male or female is fine. (And please no advice or suggestions on other things to do besides an abortion!) Thanks

I know several great ob/gyns who do abortions well. They may not want to be listed on a public site as ''abortion providers'', so please email me directly and I'll give you the ones I'd recommend. DB

If you're open to an abortion with a non-MD, try Women's Choice Clinic in downtown Oakland. See Good luck. Feel free to contact me off-list if you have any further questions. Rebecca

Hi, I just read a posting which stated that women's choice clinic in oakland uses non-MDs to provide abortion services.

I am the operations manager at Women's Choice, and want to make it clear that we absolutely do NOT provide abortions with non-MDs, all our providers are either OB/GYN or family practice MDs with extensive abortion training. Can you make sure that women get this info? Thanks! Linda

I suggest having an abortion at a clinic (like Women's Choice in Oakland) to be sure that it is done in the most skillful way possible. The procedure you need is very specific and doctors who do them frequently have better results. Besides, an abortion clinic is there to support you, not the other pregnant women you will encounter at the office of a regular OB/GYN. Abortions are performed by a tiny fraction of doctors, and you are in a time crunch. Please put off searching for your ideal OB/GYN until you can focus on your next pregnancy. The right tool for the job

The gynecologists at Berkeley/Orinda Women's Health do abortions. I see have seen several of the doctors and liked them all.

Also, Planned Parenthood does abortions, and also offers non- surgical abortions in early pregnancy where you induce abortion through drugs (RU-486). Christina