Young Adult Clinics at Kaiser

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July 2011

Re: Choosing a doc in Kaiser's Young Adult Clinic

Our daughter, soon to turn 18, is about to ''graduate'' from her long-standing pediatrian at Kaiser Oakland. Our doctor has referred us to the Young Adult department and we need to choose a physician from this group, but we are not familiar with anyone and would really appreciate a referral and/or recommendation. Our daughter would prefer a female doc, someone kind, smart, and intuitive like the pediatrician she is leaving. We can certainly go to another Kaiser (Richmond, Walnut Creek) but Oakland is our home base and both of our kids were born there. So that would be best. Thanks!!

Try Antonia Torreblanca (she's young and friendly) or Stephanie Scott (she's probably 40 but very respectful and straightforward). Both Kaiser Oakland. Good luck!

My son, who also just turned 18 and graduated from Oakland Pediatrics, started with Lucy Kalanithi, MD. We met her a couple of weeks ago and both my son and I liked her a lot. You can also go to the Young Adult Kaiser Oakland website (just google it) and see the list of their Oakland doctors. By clicking their names, you can see their photos and read about their background and philosophy. Lexine

My 18 year old son has just started seeing Chantal Morrison at Kaiser Oakland, and we've both had favorable interactions with her. I don't participate in his appointments but arranged to meet her in the reception room after his first appointment. satisfied mom

Oops! Just received a note in the mail today from Dr. Chantal Morrison, Kaiser Oakland, that she is moving to Kaiser Walnut Creek, so I don't have a referral for you after all. Sorry! formerly satisfied mom

My son, who just turned 18, was referred to Lucy Kalanithi, MD. We both liked her a lot, so I would give her a try. maris