Kaiser Vallejo Rehabilitation Center

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April 2008

We have a family member, a 76 year old man, who will be soon discharged from Kaiser Oakland and sent to one of the East Bay Kaiser rehab centers. As the family, we can decide if we want him to go to Kaiser Vallejo Rehab Center or Kaiser San Leandro Rehab Center. Does anyone have experience with a parent or family member needing to go to one of these rehab centers? (By the way, his main needs are to receive physicial therapy while on a feeding tube). Any suggestions, advice, stories about either center, would be very much appreciated. We just found out that he is going to be discharged within the week and have a very short timeline for deciding where he will go. Thanks again! M

I had two friends that went through the Vallejo rehab (for serious problems) They both thought that Vallejo rehab was good, helpful etc. As with any healthcare facility, I would just be on top of it and let them know that you are involved! Good luck!

My husband spent a month in Kaiser Vallejo Rehab following a stroke, and we found the therapy there to be very good (physical/occupational/speech). The doctors and therapists were all excellent, and the facility is clean and large. I don't have any other facilities to compare it to, though. Michelle

I can't speak to the San Leandro rehab, but Kaiser Vallejo is known for its excellent rehab center. I'm a PT and I'd definitely recommend that one if it is an option. PT