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Kaiser compounding pharmacy?

May 2008

Does anyone know of a Kaiser pharmacy anywere within even a long drive of the Bay area, even farther north or southern CA, that has a compounding pharmacy?? Actually anywere, because I suppose Rx's could be mailed. Thanks, Anon

The Kaiser in San Francisco at 6th Ave and Geary (the French Campus) once compounded a potion for me. I'm not sure if they do other compounds though. -anon
Kaiser has a Compounding Formulary and you should be able to get compounded products through your local physician and pharmacy. Whether the product is compounded in-house or sent to a contract compounding pharmacy outside is dependent on the product. Based on our physicians' expert recommendations, compounded products are evaluated for addition to the compounding formulary, and added, or not. Some products are not formulary but still made. Some products were not accepted to formulary and are not made/covered. Start with your Kaiser Physician and local pharmacy. Anon
The Fabiola 1 pharmacy at Kaiser Oakland is a compounding pharmacy. The pharmacy generally needs 24 hours to make most compounded prescriptions. Kaiser doc
I fill most of my presciptions at Kaiser Richmond Hospital Pharmacy, and one that I take is compounded. They simply send it to a compounding pharmacy outside of Kaiser and I pay a regular (brand name) copay for it. I don't know how many Kaiser pharmacies do this, but I did have a problem trying to fill the same Rx at Kaiser Petaluma, which is a small facility. Anon